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Shot fired through window of house

A gang of three masked men fired a shot through the window of a house in Londonderry, police have said.

The men called at the house in Shearwater Way in the Waterside are of the city at about 22:00 BST on Sunday.

They then fired a shot through the living room window.

Police said there are no reports of any injuries and appealed for witnesses to contact detectives.


PM says deal does not breach principle of consent

PM says deal does not breach principle of consent
The prime minister has dismissed suggestions that his Brexit deal breached the principle of consent.
"In all frankness I do think it a pity that it is thought necessary for one side or the other of the debate in Northern Ireland to have a veto on those arrangements," Boris Johnson told MPs.
He argued that the Brexit referendum had taken place on a straight majority basis, adding: "I think that principle should be applied elsewhere, I see no reason why it should not apply in Northern Ireland as well."

Nigel Dodds urges PM to 'reconsider' Brexit deal

Nigel Dodds urges PM to 'reconsider' Brexit deal
DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds has asked Boris Johnson to reconsider his Brexit deal and ensure the UK leaves the EU ''as one nation".
Directly addressing the prime minister in the House of Parliament during a debate on the Brexit deal vote, Mr Dodds said there may be special circumstances for Northern Ireland.
But he added that that "can only be with the consent of the people of Northern Ireland, unionists and nationalists together."

Gerry Adams denies IRA claims in court

Gerry Adams denies IRA claims in court
Former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has refuted claims he played a role in the abduction and murder of Jean McConville in 1972.
He was called to give evidence during a special legal action against veteran republican Ivor Bell related to the murder of the mother-of-10.
Mr Bell was found not guilty.
BBC News NI looks back at allegations against Mr Adams and his denial of any involvement with the IRA or Mrs McConville's killing.

'The 'trolley dolly' perception is far from the truth'

'The 'trolley dolly' perception is far from the truth'
A new state-of-the-art aviation suite has been installed at Belfast Met's Castlereagh campus. 
The mock cabin is designed to enable students, studying cabin crew and aviation operations, to get hands-on experience. 
Course co-ordinator Sharon Rolt has worked in the aviation industry for 27 years. 
She says while there has been "some turbulence" in recent weeks, "there are still plenty of future careers prospects". 
"You have to wear many hats when you're a cabin crew member," said Ms Rolt. 
"Health and safety, disruptive passengers - the perception that you are just a 'trolley dolly' is not true at all."
'You'd seek help for a broken leg, so why not mental health?'
Lucinda Graham, who experienced various mental health issues, wants others to speak out and seek help.
'He could have been easily shot dead'
A family recounts the ordeal of a gun attack at their home in the Waterside in Londonderry.

'You'd seek help for a broken leg, so why not mental health?'

'You'd seek help for a broken leg, so why not mental health?'
Lucinda Graham has experienced various challenges with mental health. 
During her time at university, the impact increased to an extent that she felt unable to leave her home for days. 
The 23-year-old from County Down is passionate about encouraging others who are having a difficult time to speak out and get the help they need. 
Queen's University (QUB), Ulster University (UU) and their students' unions are working together to help students access mental health services. 
Information is also available on the QUB and UU wellbeing websites.
'To be turfed out is total madness'
An employment tribunal rules an officer was discriminated against for refusing to shave his beard.

Two Minute Masterpiece 2019

Get involved with 2019's second round of Two Minute Masterpiece.
We want to help emerging filmmakers in Northern Ireland the chance to have their voices heard.