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Severe accident: A592 Cumbria both ways

BBC News Travel

A592 Cumbria both ways severe accident, from Townhead Brow to Kirkstone Pass.

A592 Cumbria - A592 Kirkstone Pass in Troutbeck closed and in both directions from the Townhead Brow junction to the Kirkstone Pass junction, because of an accident involving two vehicles and ice. Traffic is coping well.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Cumbrian woman powerlifts to improve mental health
Mary McCance started lifting heavy weights after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD.

Cumbria's weather: Cloudy, breezy, with showers

BBC Weather

It will stay fairly cloudy and breezy though much of tonight, with further showers at times.

The showers will likely start to turn increasingly wintry over higher ground with some snow in places, with lowest temperatures from -1C to 2C (30F to 36F).

Weather graphic

You can always find the latest hour-by-hour BBC weather forecast for where you are, here.

Lakes off-road campaigners take first steps to legal action

Campaigners for off-road driving enthusiasts to be banned from two tracks near Little Langdale have taken the first steps towards challenging the policies of the Lake District National Park in the courts.

Tilberthwaite track

Earlier this year the national park authority decided to work with landowners and the off-roaders, rather than bring in orders to restrict motorcycles and 4X4 vehicles on the two lanes, which were originally built to serve quarries and farms and never surfaced.

This week the Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement said it had obtained a barrister's opinion and was now raising funds to challenge the decisions in court.

The national park authority confirmed it had been sent a letter before action "detailing proposed judicial review proceedings", but made no other comment.

Police name woman found dead

Police say the woman whose body was found at Pooley Bridge yesterday was Diane Rumney, 53, from Greystoke.

She had been reported missing on Wednesday evening, and police and mountain rescue volunteers had been involved in the search.

Officers say there are no suspicious circumstances, and the coroner has been informed.

Police logo on van
Cumbria Police

'Double Christmas' pubs ban planned in Whitehaven

Police and bar owners in Whitehaven say that anyone barred for causing trouble in pubs and clubs over the new few weeks could face a 13-month ban.

Police logo on van
Cumbria Police

The bans would cover the Pubwatch network of 25 public houses and other licensed premises, and the idea is to bar people for both the rest of this festive season, and next Christmas as well.

Jason Fisher, chairman of Whitehaven Pubwatch, said: “What we’re doing is aiming to make sure people can come out to enjoy a safe and enjoyable night.”

Businesses send policy 'wish- list ' to county MPs

Cumbria's Chamber of Commerce has sent a list of policies it wants to see to all three of the county's new MPs and the three members who have been re-elected.

Rob Johnston

The chamber's chief executive, Rob Johnston (pictured), said many businesses had felt politicians were not listening to them during the campaign.

He said business people wanted to see a number of measures, including business rate reform, support for nuclear new build and renewable energy such as offshore wind, and a flexible immigration system allowing businesses to recruit migrant workers after Brexit.

'Powerhouse' calls for new action to support north

The Northern Powerhouse Partnership, set up under the previous government, has called on the new administration to act on its promises to close the north-south divide.

Jim O'Neill

Lord Jim O'Neill, vice chairman of the partnership, said the new government should "focus on improving the infrastructure of the country, boosting the education and skills needed to transform those areas left behind, which means voters in the North and Midlands will be boosted by their electoral support.”

And the director, Henri Murison, said both main parties had promised to close the north-south divide.

We expect significant legislative agenda, including on devolution, as well as key decisions in a budget early next year, which will demonstrate whether the Prime Minister will capitalise on his victory to make his party relevant in places like Bishop Auckland or across in Workington."

Henri Murison

New satellites network snapped from Lorton

Martin Lewes


The first satellites in the Starlink network, designed to provide internet access all over the world from space, were caught on a mobile phone camera by Katy Stamper from Lorton

Row of bright lights in the sky
Katy Stamper

She sparked a debate by posting the photos on Instagram and Facebook asking what they were, and was kind enough to say we could post them as well.

The Elon Musk company SpaceX started launching the trails of satellites earlier this year, with a plan eventually to have up to 12,000, which has left astronomers concerned that they will completely change the night sky.

This week it's been reported that the company will be trying to make the satelites less obvious.

Tourist industry calls for new ministers to confirm 'deal'

Cumbria's tourism businesses have pressed the new government to go ahead with the "sector deal" proposed earlier this year to improve training and other support for the industry.

The scheme involved ministers picking five areas of the country, where businesses would be helped to build new faciities such as hotel rooms for tourism and back thousands of apprentices to improve training.

Gill Haigh in commons committee
Cumbria tourism

Gill Haigh (pictured), the managing director of Cumbria tourism, said a recent survey of businesses had shown most faced growing costs and problems recruiting staff.

The latest feedback from businesses highlights some positive signs, but there can be no doubt that these are challenging times as we head into 2020."

Gill Haigh

News round-up: Police find woman's body near Pooley Bridge

  • The body of a woman has been found in the Pooley Bridge area. Police say they have yet to make a formal identification and there are no suspicious circumstances
  • Part of the A66 will be closed for five nights, from tonight, for work improving roundabouts. Highways England is working on the Fitz and Great Clifton roundabouts, and the project's due to be finished next spring
  • Representatives of Workington's football and rugby league clubs and Allerdale council will tour major stadiums across England next year. The new Independent and Conservative administration scrapped plans for a new shared stadium earlier this year in favour of developed a scaled-down version.

'Get Brexit Done message cut through in Cumbria'

Richard Moss

Political Editor, BBC Look North

Right at the outset of the election, we were told Workington Man - a rugby league-loving leave voter - would be crucial to the outcome.

He was someone the Conservatives needed to nab from Labour. And it seems the Tories did win over more than enough Workington men (as well as some women of course).

In the end, they comfortably took a seat they'd only previously held for three out of the last 100 years, removing Labour's Shadow Environment Secretary, Sue Hayman.

The new MP Mark Jenkinson is pretty much the model of the Workington man they had to appeal to, so he probably knew a thing or two about how to reach them.

Add in the Tory victory in Barrow, and Labour are left without a single seat in Cumbria. Lib Dem Tim Farron's Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency is now the only part of the county that isn't true blue.

As in the rest of the North, the Get Brexit Done message seems to have cut through, with Jeremy Corbyn also deeply unpopular on the doorstep.

There's a test ahead though. Brexit could pose problems for the county's industry, and its agriculture. The tourist trade relies on migrant labour. The Conservatives will need to consider these factors as they work out what getting Brexit done actually means.

And their new and old constituents will also expect the party to make good on promises to invest more in the North.

But the county could also get money and powers passed on from London in a renewed push for devolution. They will come with strings attached though - the need to have an election for a Cumbria-wide mayor.

Another poll on last night's showing the Conservatives would hope to win.

Labour supporter reacts to exit poll: 'Oh no'

The Conservatives are set to win an overall majority of 86 in the general election, according to an exit poll for the BBC, ITV and Sky News.

The survey taken at UK polling stations suggests the Tories will get 368 MPs - 50 more than at the 2017 election - when all the results have been counted.

The reaction was swift in Whitehaven in Cumbria:

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Good evening and welcome to our live election coverage

Good evening and welcome to our live election coverage across Cumbria.

Stay with us through the night for every single result and reaction from our 35 constituencies, plus colour and behind the scenes insights from our reporters at every single count.

But first we have to mention the BBC, ITV and Sky exit poll which predicts that the Conservatives will win 368 seats.

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"The principal aim of the exit poll is to help viewers and listeners to navigate the initial hours of election night as the first results come in," said Prof Sir John Curtice, political commentator for BBC News.

In 2017, the poll correctly predicted there would be a hung parliament.

It even predicted the Conservatives would take 314 seats - three fewer than the 317 the party ended up with.

But all this will be revealed as the night goes on.

Cumbria's weather: Remaining cold and wet

BBC Weather

This evening and tonight, it will remain largely cloudy with showery areas of rain drifting across the region.

Over the hills, there is the continued chance of some sleet or wet snow, with lowest temperatures from -1C to 2C (30C to 36F).

Weather graphic

You can always check the latest, hour-by-hour, BBC weather forecast for where you are, here.

Court told of patient who put hospital worker 'in fear'

A court's heard how a crisis worker at the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven was left in fear of her life when a patient turned aggressive when he was told he wouldn't be admitted to a mental health hospital.

John Ian Pullin, 32, told a female crisis practitioner in the accident and emergency department that he was homeless and needed somewhere "safe" to live, Carlisle Crown Court was told

But when Pullin was told he would not be admitted to a mental health hospital because he was not deemed a risk to himself or others, he wrapped a bed sheet around his hands, approached the woman and shouted at her aggressively with "gritted teeth".

Pullin, of no fixed address, admitted assault and was remanded in custody to be sentenced in February

Judge Peter Davies said punishment would be based on the defendant's behaviour in the meantime.

Skier plans to travel the length of Norway for friend

A Cumbrian skier is going to travel the length of Norway in winter to raise money for a friend who became paralysed after a skiing accident.

Ben Bardsley
Ben Bardsley

Ben Bardsley (pictured), from Keswick, says his expedition will take three months and could see him encountering temperatures below -25C.

He is hoping to avoid having to camp out.

In Norway there's an amazing network of back-country huts, a little bit like Scottish bothies, so I'll try to hit those huts as much as possible."

Ben Bardsley

Copeland sees rise in job applications

Local Democracy Reporting Service

John Connell

Copeland council has reported a surge in applications from jobseekers interested in roles in departments such as planning and building control, which the authority previously struggled to fill.

Copeland council HQ

A report written by Claire Dunn, the council’s human resources ranager, said that the number of applicants who were “suitable candidates” for posts was also rising, adding that the increase might indicate that the council was being recognised as a “fair and good employer”.

Our workforce is confident in the work that the council is doing and we’re confident in what the workforce is delivering for us.”

Councillor David MooreCopeland council executive member

Tractor fraudster who dodged court sentenced to more time

A fraudster caught by police after a BBC Crimewatch appeal has had his jail sentence extended by a judge for failing to attend court for both his trial and sentencing hearing.

David Lukac, 27, was one of two men whose £18,000 cross-border swindle involved bringing a Slovakian farmer to Ravenstonedale on the promise of buying a cheap tractor that he never received.

The two men were caught, but, while one went to court, admitted fraud and was given a suspended sentence, Lukac failed to attend, was found guilty in his absence, and sentenced to 30 months in prison.

He was arrested after the Crimewatch appeal in September, and appeared over a video link before a Carlisle Crown Court judge from prison, where he is now serviing his time.

Judge Julie Clemitson gave Lukac an extra four weeks for failing to turn up in court the first time.

Cumbria's weather: Cold and wet with sleet on hills

BBC Weather

It will be rather cold and wet this afternoon with showery rain in places.

Over the higher hills this could fall as sleet or even wet snow with highest temperatures from 2 to 5C (36 to 41F).

Weather graphic

You can always find the latest BBC weather forecast for where you are, here.

Police take steps to track down climber who lost shoes

Police investigating a robbery in Maryport say they found a pair of shoes which they believe may have been taken in another, unreported, burglary.

Well-worn climbing shoes
Cumbria Police

Officers say the shoes are distinctive and they would like to reunite them with the owner.

Trophy on travels as Gareth Thomas rides through Cumbria

The Welsh rugby star, Gareth Thomas, is riding through Cumbria today, heading to Aberdeen to deliver the BBC Sports Personality of the Year trophy.

The former British Lions captain is cycling from Cardiff to Aberdeen for Sunday's awards ceremony and raising money for Sport Relief.

Today's leg should take him from Kendal to Gretna Green, and he is finding it wet, cold and emotional.

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Cumbria's weather: Rain and hill snow moving in

BBC Weather

It will be mainly dry at first with just the odd, possibly wintry, shower, before rain and hill snow move in from the west, ahead of slightly milder weather.

Highest temperatures will be from 3C to 6C (37F to 43F).

Weather graphic

You can always find the latest, detailed, BBC weather forecast for where you are, here.

Volunteers key to getting 'Town Deal' cash, meeting told

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Local volunteers will have to be recruited to help decide how millions of pounds could best be spent to revive the centres of Millom and Cleator Moor, a council meeting has been told.

Copeland council has managed to get the two towns on the list for grants from a £1bn fund to improve transport, broadband and cultural attractions.

Cleator Moor

The authority has also been given a grant of £150,000 to develop a business case for what could be done with the two former mining towns.

At a meeting of Coipeland council's executive, councillor Steven Morgan said: “Using the money to hire people and consultants is one thing, but we also need to make sure that we get volunteers from the community to help us."

Copeland’s elected mayor Mike Starkie said that committees made of “influential people” from those towns likely to benefit would be invited to form committees.

Once the local plans have ben drawn up, they will be submitted to ministers next April.

Biggest new steamer launched on Windermere in more than 80 years

The biggest new steamer to be launched on Windermere in more than 80 years has splashed down:

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Windermere gets first new big 'steamer' since 1930s

Neil Smith

South Cumbria journalist, BBC Cumbria

The biggest new "steamer" to go into service on Windermere for more than 80 years is due to be launched today.

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The multimillion-pound MV Swift - unlike the older larger vessels on the lake - will be "all weather" and able to call at even the smaller jetties around Windermere.

Like the other big vessels, Swan and Teal, the new Swift will have three passenger decks but can be enclosed allowing year-round operation, and was designed to increase capacity to encourage more people to leave their cars behind as they tour the area.

The Swift has been assembled at Lakeside and today is due to be lowered into the lake for the first time, to be fitted out before entering service next summer.

Robbers jailed for taking phone from pensioner, 69

A couple from Carlisle have been jailed for robbing an elderly man in broad daylight.

Mark POroudfoot and Tammy Potts
Cumbria Police

Mark Proudfoot, 33, and 45-year-old Tammy Boats approached their victim on Millbourne Street in the city asking for money.

The 69-year-old pensioner, who told the two he had recently had a heart attack, offered £3, but they said they wanted £10 and grabbed his phone after he threatened to call the police.

At Carlisle Crown Court, Proudfoot, of Bowscale Close, and Potts, of Garden Street, Stanwix, admitted robbery at Carlisle Crown Court.

Potts was jailed for 32 months and Proudfoot for 40

Their imprisonment means Carlisle is a safer place."

Det Con Lisa AtkinsonCumbria Police

Police hunt man after Wigton sex attack

Police are investigating a sexual assault on a woman in her 50s in the High Street and Croft Court area of Wigton.

They say it happened at about 20:43 last night, and the man involved was white, of average height and medium build, aged between 25 and 30.

Cumbria's weather: Showers through the night, wind easing

BBC Weather

Showers will last throughout the night and will often be heavy and widespread, and may turn wintry in higher ground, but lowland snow is not expected.

Winds will gradually ease and lowest temperatures will be from 0C to 3C (32F to 37F).

Weather graphic

A Met Office weather warning for heavy rain remains until 20:00.

You can find the latest BBC weather forecast for where you are, here.

Travel: Windermere ferry stopped by storm

BBC News Travel

The Windermere Ferry has suspended services until the wind drops.

Severe accident: A595 Cumbria southbound

BBC News Travel

A595 Cumbria southbound severe accident, from A597 to B5306.

A595 Cumbria - A595 in Distington closed and it's very slow southbound from the A597 junction to the B5306 junction, because of an accident involving four vehicles.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Police urge villagers to help search for missing woman, 52

Police have urged people living in the Watermillock area, near Ullswater, to search outbuildings for a missing 52-year-old woman.

Officers say they are concerned about Michelle edgar, who is 5ft 2in, with sandy, shoulder-length blonde hair.

Michelle Edgar
Cumbria Police

Flood alerts posted as heavy rain continues

There are now eight flood alerts and one warning posted by the Environment Agency in Cumbria, with heavy rain continuing to fall over the Lake District.

The warning is for the Keswick Campsite, and the alerts are for most of the rivers in the Lake District, the Kent and the Belah.

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Drinker warned of jail for throwing bottle in bar

A Carlisle woman has been told she could go to prison for throwing a bottle in a Carlisle bar, which injured another customer.

Jade Haughan

Jade Haughan, 25, had denied a charge which alleged she unlawfully and maliciously wounded Bethany Johnstone in an incident inside the now-closed Outrageous bar, but a plea of guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm was accepted by the prosecution.

The case was adjourned until 20 January for reports to be prepared on Haughan, of Brookside, Carlisle, who was described as a woman of previous good character and the sole carer of two young children.

A victim impact statement is also being prepared from the woman who was hit in the face by the bottle, which injured her lip but did not smash.

Cumbria's weather: Very wet and very windy

BBC Weather

It will be a stormy afternoon with very strong winds and spells of heavy and sometimes persistent rain.

There will be gale force southerly winds, with highest temperatures from 10C to 13C (50F to 55F).

Weather warnings covering Cumbria are posted for both wind and rain.

Weather graphic

You can always find the latest, detailed, BBC weather forecast for where you are, here.

Copeland councillors take 'pragmatic' approach on climate

Local Democracy Reporting Service

John Connell

Leading councillors in Copeland have agreed a "position statement" setting out their commitment to tackle climate change and endorsed the production of a climate charter which will formally establish the authority’s own action plan.

A meeting of the executive heard that this approach would allow the council to thrash out a long-term plan rather than being “rushed into” making environmental promises they were unable to keep.

In the statement, the council recognises that the climate crisis represents a “human-made threat” and is already having “far-reaching, irreversible effects on populations, places, economies, society and the natural environment, locally, nationally and globally”.

The authority’s chief executive Pat Graham said the council would take a “pragmatic approach” to climate change, “not promising things we can’t deliver but starting with the things we absolutely can”.

We all want to see our borough as carbon neutral as we can. What Copeland council can do is set an example."

Mike StarkieMayor of Copeland

Weather warning updated to include rain as well as wind

The Met Office has added a yellow warning for heavy rain, to the existing alert for strong winds.

Forecasters say many areas will see 20mm to 30mm (1in) of rain, while parts of the Lake District and Pennines could see 50mm to 100mm (2in to 4in) by this evening.

Environment Agency warnings, for Keswick Campsite, and alerts for rivers in the central Lake District, remain in force.

Travel: Buses cancelled for safety as storm gathers

BBC News Travel

A bus service on the West Cumbria coast has been cancelled for the day because gale force winds have made the road unsafe.

The Coast Rider 60 between Maryport and Skinburness has been suspended, and the operator, Ellenvale, says services 68 and 69, between Maryport and Cockermouth may be suspended if conditions worsen.

Locals get final chance to comment on coast protection

Public consultation is nearly over into a single overall plan to combat coastal flooding and erosion around Cumbria, over the next century.

Dubmill Point
Cumbria County Council

High tides and storm surges cause flooding at a number of regular locations around the county, such as at Sandside on Morecambe Bay.

Officials say the Cumbria Coastal Strategy should be finalised in the spring and aims to balance protecting homes, employers, roads and railways with the sometimes conflicting needs of the environment and wildlife.

Newspaper firm defends editor redundancies

Late on yesterday we brought you news that six of Cumbria's local newspapers would share a single group editor rather than each have their own local editors, and that these job losses followed a number of feature-writing redundancies.

Newsquest, the company that owns the News and Star, Barrow Mail, Westmorland Gazetter, Whitehaven News and the Workington Times and Star, has now responded to accusations from the journalists' union, the NUJ, that it is putting local reporting at risk.

In a statement the firm said very substantial losses of advertising meant it had to restructure the business.

Whilst these potential redundancies are regrettable, it means we can continue to invest in frontline reporters which are central to the continued success of our local news brands."

Newsquest statement

Police issue CCTV in linked assaults investigation

Police have renewed an appeal for help finding a man who attacked a girl and a woman on successive days in Kendal, and have now released a CCTV picture of a man seen in Sandes Avenue near the time of the second attack.

Grainy picture of man in hoody
Cumbria Police

Police say they want to interview the man about an attack on a 15-year-old girl in the area at about 09:35 on Friday 29 November, and a 30-year-old woman was approached the following morning not far away on a riverside path at Dockray.

Officers would also like to hear from anyone in the area at the time, or who drove through and has a dashcam.

Two hurt in Morecambe Bay Coast Road collision

Two people were injured in a crash on the Coast Raod between Barrow and Ulverston earlier today.

Police say a Nissan Leaf and a Vauxhall Astra collided just before 12:00, and the 62-year-old Astra driver, and a passenger, were both taken to the Furness General hospital with injuries not thought to be life-threatening.

The driver of the Nissan was not hurt. The road was closed for two-and-a-half hours, and police are now appealing for witnesses.