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  1. Retirement homes destroyed in huge fire set to be rebuilt

    BBC Radio Stoke

    Plans to rebuild a retirement complex that was destroyed in a huge fire are due to be examined next week.

    The fire

    About 150 people lost everything when homes at Beechmere residential site, in Crewe, were ravaged by the blaze in August 2019.

    Advantage, which ran the old site, wants to replace it with a new building made of 132 apartments.

    It say in the application it will have block and brick walls for better fire protection.

    Councillors are due to make a decision on Wednesday.

  2. Pupils offered chance to 'bring colour' to Covid test site

    School pupils are being given the chance to "bring colour" to a Covid-19 test site and make it less daunting for children.

    The currently "clinical" site

    The new centre for walk-through appointments opened recently on Chester Street car park, Crewe.

    Cheshire East Council said it wanted it to look "less clinical" and schools could get involved with creating pictures to fill the walls.

    The authority added there would be no end date for the submission of pictures and it would need to refresh the displays frequently.

  3. 'Urban explorers' fined for breaking Covid restrictions

    Eight people who claimed to be urban explorers in an old pub have been fined by police for breaking Covid-19 restrictions.

    The Travellers Rest before it closed

    The group were found on Sunday night after reports of suspicious activity at the Travellers Rest site in Leekbrook, near Leek, Staffordshire Police said.

    The Staffordshire Moorlands is currently in tier one – medium alert and the force said they had come from Macclesfield, Cheshire, which is currently in tier two – high alert.

    They were given penalty notices for breaking the "rule of six" restriction.

  4. Lucky escape as dog rescued from dishwasher blaze

    A dog owner says he's lucky his pet is still alive after a fire caused by his dishwasher.

    Graham and Teddy

    Graham Cooper had put the machine on at his home in Congleton before leaving for work on 24 September.

    However, 30 minutes later his neighbour called to say smoke was coming from a bedroom window.

    Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said a fault in the dishwasher had started the blaze which damaged much of the kitchen.

    Burnt out dishwasher

    The 34-year-old's Pomeranian, Teddy, was fine after being rescued and Graham said he had had a lucky escape.

    “It never occurred to me that such a thing could result in a fire and my dog’s life and my home being put at risk," he said.

    “I’ll never leave a domestic appliance, or any other type of electrical device, on when I go out again."