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'Social gatherings rules will make parenting easier'

BBC Radio 5 Live

Nina and her family

This morning, BBC Radio 5 Live’s Your Call programme heard people’s reactions to the news that social gatherings of more than six people will be illegal in England from Monday - with some exemptions.

Nina in Kent has three children, including two teenagers. They all live with Nina's mum who is over 75.

Nina said she hopes the new guidance will make parenting a bit easier.

“I’ve had some very difficult conversations with my eldest teenager about her friends and how they socialise,” she said. “We have been very strict."

“This will make parenting a bit easier, a bit clearer. You just have to hope that people will take notice, [and] will discourage their kids from having large parties.”

Michelle and her son

Michelle, in Chepstow, is worried the new rules on gatherings will affect her son’s ability to play sport.

“He’s skipping into school each morning," she said,"he’s gone in his sports kit today – he’s so happy. He’s dancing at the bus stop".

“Sport is a major part of his life – he plays football, he plays cricket. I can’t bear the thought of having to potentially tell him that might be off again,” she added.

Kirsti and her family

Kirsti and her family in Hertfordshire have been badly affected by coronavirus.

She thinks the government’s strategy in dealing with the pandemic is “unclear”.

“Me and my daughter have had it – we sadly know three people who’ve died from it and I’ve lost my job from it,” she said.

“This is all about protecting the vulnerable and the most at risk. Is there a different way of doing bubbles?”

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