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Your weather forecast: A cold, clear night in store

BBC Weather

Tonight will be cold and largely dry with long clear spells and lows of 0C (32F).

BBC Weather Watchers / AJthewalker

Wednesday will be dry and fine with long sunny spells and patchy cloud.

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Cov Uni gets Casablanca campus

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Coventry University is set to offer programmes at a purpose-built campus in Casablanca under a partnership approach with a Moroccan institution.

An aerial view of the Moroccan city

The university is working with Morocco's Superior Institution of Science and Technology (SIST) to "provide teacher training and other business and science and technology programmes", it said.

The SSIT institute, which operates in English, will invest £14m to develop the campus.

The agreement will also enable the partners to explore opportunities for joint research, teaching, and mobility to and from Coventry University’s UK campuses for staff and students.

We see Morocco as a gateway to Africa and a country where higher education in the UK overall could have more and further collaborations."

Professor John LathamVice-chancellor, Coventry University

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It will be a chilly breezy day with sunny spells and highs of 8C (46F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Your weather forecast: A cloudy night in store

BBC Weather

It will be a cloudy night with the odd clear spell and lows of 4C (39F).

BBC Weather Watchers/Littleacorns

Saturday will be another mostly cloudy and dull day with the possibility of some sunny spells in the afternoon.

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Hard Brexit 'risks thousands of jobs'

Thousands of automotive, rail and aerospace jobs across the UK are at risk from a hard Brexit, a new report suggests.

The UK has a transition deal with the EU that lasts until the end of 2020 and is yet to secure a long-term deal.

Jaguar Land Rover factory
Getty Images

Researches from Birmingham City University Centre for Brexit Studies surveyed 200 manufacturing companies in the West Midlands.

The report found transport manufacturers and suppliers in the Midlands, are highly dependent on EU workers with them accounting for an average 31% of the workforce.

It also concluded employment is particularly exposed to the operations of Jaguar Land Rover, given its dominance in the region.

The West Midlands employs over 50,000 people in automotive alone and another 20,000 in related sectors. Our analysis suggests that tens of thousands of jobs in the sector would be exposed in the event of a hard Brexit."

Prof Alex de RuyterDirector of the Centre for Brexit Studies

Your weather forecast: A mild and cloudy night in store

BBC Weather

It will be a mild night with areas of fog and cloud with occasional drizzle and lows of 5C (41F).

Liam Ball

Friday will again be mainly cloudy and misty with some fog.

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Watch: Police chief's apology not enough for family

Giles Latcham

BBC Midlands Today

The family of a nurse who was murdered by a recently-released sex offender have said an apology from West Midlands Police's Chief Constable is not enough.

Police chief's apology not enough for family of murdered nurse

Dave Thompson admitted his force failed to protect Lisa Skidmore before she was killed in Wolverhampton in November 2016.

Her family said steps still need to be taken to stop the same thing happening to someone else.

Both the police and the probation service said lessons had been learnt but Lisa's sister Alison Parker said they've asked for a further meeting with Mr Thompson.

Staying mainly cloudy for next 24 hours

BBC Weather

The cloudy skies are set to continue tonight with patches of fog forming. Low: 6C (43F).


Then staying cloudy tomorrow with mist and fog around and a few spots of drizzle later in the day. High 8C (46F).

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HPV vaccine 'cutting cancer diseases'

BBC Midlands Today

Cancer-causing infections among young women in the Midlands are now extremely uncommon due to the HPV vaccine, doctors say.

Nurse preparing vaccine
PA Media

Public Health England said about 86% of woman who were eligible for the vaccine, first introduced in 2008, had had it in the 2018-19 academic year.

Its figures show that, while 12 years ago one in seven sexually active women were infected with human papilloma virus, in a recent sample of 600 women, none of them had it.

PCC receives 1,000 responses to trains survey

The Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands says he's had 1,000 responses to a survey he's set up to gauge people's experiences of West Midlands Trains.

David Jamieson has previously said the franchise is putting public safety at risk over continual delays and cancellations.

West Midlands Train

West Midlands Trains has acknowledged issues with delays and cancellations to services and overcrowded trains, but said commuters will start to see the benefits of a £1bn investment programme this year.

It will includes new trains and increased compensation for delays and cancellation.

Grey and murky to start today

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Cloudy and misty to start today with fog patches around. It'll then become a cloudy day with the odd bright spell and there could be drizzle this afternoon. High: 10C/50F.

Alex Hamilton with Wednesday's West Midlands' weather

Then some clearer spells this evening but it'll be mainly cloudy tonight with the chance of drizzle and mist spreading across most areas. Low: 6C/43F.

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Your weather: A cloudy and misty night expected

BBC Weather

There will be a few clear spells overnight but mainly it will be cloudy and misty with lows of 3C (37F).

BBC Weather Watchers/Postman Les

Tomorrow is set to be a mainly cloudy and misty day with a few bright spells.

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Video: Your 30-second weather forecast

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

Early patches of fog will clear to leave a cloudy day with some bright spells and highs of 7C (45F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

After a cold start it will be a dry day with sunny spells and highs of 6C (43F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Closing ambulance base would 'put lives at risk'

BBC Radio Stoke

Lives will be lost if a town's community ambulance hub is shut, a former paramedic's told the BBC.

West Midlands Ambulance Service wants to remove the response base in Cheadle, Staffordshire, by the end of March.

Ambulance base in Cheadle

Instead, it wants to convert the rapid response vehicle there into an ambulance as it says the current vehicle only attends 2.2% of calls in the area.

But former paramedic Carole Winning told BBC Radio Stoke she believes lives are at stake: "They're saying they'll have an ambulance here but they won't because they're so busy, they'll never get here."

Cheadle Town Councillor Dave Sargeant said it would take longer for ambulances to respond: "You've got areas like Whiston, Ipstones, Foxt. These are difficult places to get to and, if you think of somebody coming from Newcastle to Cheadle, a minimum time to get here, it's going to be 25 minutes."

The ambulance service said it believed the move would save money and would not change the level of ambulance cover in the area, "if anything, this will increase over the coming months".

Your weather: Much colder and clearer than of late

BBC Weather

It will be a cold night with clear periods and lows of -1C (30F).

A mostly dry and fine day can be expected tomorrow with lengthy periods of sunshine.

BBC Weather Watchers/Steve Blackman

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Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

It will be a windy day with some heavy rain at times with highs of 8C (46F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Dry weather tonight but will change tomorrow

BBC Weather

The dry weather's set to continue tonight which will also see long, clear spells and a light breeze. Low: 3C (37F).

Dawley, Shropshire
Liam Ball

Tomorrow will start dry and bright but it'll then turn cloudy and windy through the morning with some rain later in the day. High: 11C (52F).

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No need for a brolly today

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

It's set to be a dry day with sunny spells and, while breezy, not as windy as yesterday. High: 9C/48F.

Sara Blizzard

The dry weather's set to continue tonight with a lot of clear sky. Low: 3C/37F.

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Storm Brendan: Flash flooding 'inevitable'

Flash flooding is "inevitable" with heavy rain and winds forecast across the West Midlands later, the Environment Agency has said.

A yellow warning for wind is in place from 12:00 until midnight.

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Warning of strong winds issued

Strong winds could cause travel problems and there's the possibility of power loss in some areas, the Met Office is warning.

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The yellow warning, affecting the whole of the West Midlands, is in place from 12:00 until midnight.

Storm Brendan is set to be followed by icy patches, wintry showers and more gales in other parts of the country which could lead to further travel disruption.

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It's going to get windy today with rain from late morning and highs of 10C (50F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

PCCs to bid for Taser funding

Police and Crime Commissioners can bid for a share of Home Office funding to enable an extra 10,000 officers to carry Tasers from today.

Officer holding Taser
PA Media

Forces could find out their share of the £10m cash as soon as next month.

“This is great news for the police service and for individual police officers,” said Jon Nott, chair of West Midlands Police Federation.

“We welcome the fact that the government, having announced this extra investment in a roll-out of Tasers before the general election, has now acted quickly to give forces access to these funds.

"All officers who want to be trained and equipped with a Taser should be able to do so since it not only enables them to protect themselves but also their communities.”

Weather warning for wind issued

Strong winds on Tuesday could cause disruption to transport and loss of power across the West Midlands, the Met Office is warning.

Weather warning
Met Office

A yellow warning for wind has been issued from 12:00 to midnight.

The storm was named Brendan on Saturday by Irish weather service, Met Éireann.

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

After a dry and windy morning a band of heavy rain will spread eastwards across the region with highs of 9C (48F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Your weather: A cloudy night with strong winds

It will be a cloudy night with strengthening winds and lows of 3C (37F).

Tomorrow will be cloudy for much of the day with occasional showers and strong winds.

Lower Broadheath
BBC Weather Watchers/Mike Snapper

You can find a detailed forecast for your area on the BBC Weather site.

Labour to announce mayoral candidate next month

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Labour says it will announce its candidate for the West Midlands Mayor elections on 6 February.

The party put the selection process back when the general election was called last year, but now plans to open its ballot to members on 15 January.


The party members will have a choice between MP Liam Byrne, former Dudley mayor Pete Lowe and Salma Yaqoob, the former leader of the Respect Party.

The post is currently held by Conservative Andy Street, who was again confirmed as the party's candidate in September.

Plan could see ban on all petrol and diesel cars

Local Democracy Reporting Service

A new climate change plan for the West Midlands is suggesting a complete ban on petrol and diesel cars by the year 2041.

The plan, drawn up for the West Midlands Combined Authority, also suggests the creation of a national park and one tree for each of the three million people living in the area.

Car exhaust
Getty Images

Proposals set out a series of aims for the next five, 10, 15 and 20 years and also suggest the expansion of clean air zones, increasing the number of electric taxis and extra drainage for urban areas to help them cope with increased rainfall.

In the final five years of the plan, it says there should be a ban on the sale of new petrol and a ban on diesel cars and fossil fuel-powered vehicles on West Midlands roads.

Police claim treating violence 'as disease' cuts killings

BBC Midlands Today

Treating violent crime in the West Midlands "as a disease" is helping cut the number of people killed in the region, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) said.

Forensic officers at a fatal stbabing in Solihull in November

BBC research has revealed the number of homicides across the UK fell in 2019 for the first time in five years.

In the West Midlands, the force said there were 51 people killed in 2018 compared to 39 last year.

Last month, the Home Office announced extra cash for so-called violence reduction units to 18 police forces including £3.3m for West Midlands Police.

We've put in place a health-related approach to this, actually treating violence if you like as a disease and something that's contagious - which clearly it is - and looking at some of the causes, working with schools and young people, particularly young boys, to actually avoid them getting into this type of violence."

David JamiesonWest Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

More rain and showers in next 24 hours

BBC Weather

There's going to be more rain to start tonight but it should clear from about midnight. Low: 6C/43F.

Southam, Warwickshire

Tomorrow's then set to start breezy and cloudy with some blustery showers through the day. High: 10C/50F.

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Why is my train often late?

If you've used a train at rush hour in recent months in the West Midlands and been jammed in without space to sit, been delayed or not even had a train turn up, you may have wondered "why can't they just put more trains on?"

A West Midlands Trains service
West Midlands Rail

Well, the BBC's transport correspondent Tom Burridge's been analysing the challenges facing the people running our railways and has found it's not that easy.

His focus on the area follows cases such as West Midlands Trains, which has seen months of delays, cancellations and strike action and which cut season ticket prices in response.

You can read Tom's analysis, including how the government's rail review could have a major impact, here on the BBC website.