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Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

It will be a dry and windy day with highs of 6C (43F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Dry weather continue tonight

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

Dry and breezy tonight but it will cloud over early tomorrow with the chance of the odd patch of mist:

Rich Davis

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Warm coat weather but no umbrella needed

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

A cold start although it should be a fine, dry and sunny day:

Rich Davis

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Video: What's the weather got in store?

Rebecca Wood

BBC Midlands Today

It will be a dry night with some cloud and lows of 2C (36F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

General Election 2019: Your West Midlands health questions

One of the big issues for voters at the general election is likely to be health.

We want to know what issues regarding health services matter to you.

How are our hospitals doing? Can you get appointments at the doctors or any other clinics?

You can submit your queries through our "your questions" page.


Your pictures: On a cold and frosty morning

BBC Weather Watchers

The BBC Weather Watchers have been out and about early capturing images of this morning's stunning sunrise.

They were taken in Bourneville Park by Seanetta; Bromyard, Herefordshire by Mrs Baggins; and Sutton Coldfield by Di's Walk.

Bourneville Park
Mrs Baggins
Sutton Coldfield
Di's Walk

Freezing fog 'likely to cause disruption'

Patches of dense and freezing fog are likely to cause travel disruption throughout the morning, the Met Office is warning.

Weather map
Met Office

A yellow warning for fog is in place across the West Midlands until 11:00.

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

Early mist and fog should clear leaving a dry and cloudy day with highs of 7C (45F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

When is the deadline to register to vote?

There are 24 days until the election, but are you registered to vote? The deadline is 26 November, so the clock is ticking.

Dog at polling station
Getty Images

Here are more details on how to do it and answers to other question you may have.

Freezing fog likely to cause travel disruption

Dense and freezing fog patches are likely to cause some travel disruption on Tuesday, the Met Office is warning.

Fog map
Met Office

A yellow warning for fog is in place for the West Midlands from 04:00 until 11:00 on Tuesday.

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

It will be a dry day with some cloud and highs of 7C (45F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

'No threat to safety' in Evesham

There is no "immediate or expected" threat to the safety of residents in Evesham, the fire service has said.


The needs of residents of 15 properties in the town that are at risk of flooding are being assessed, it added.


Flood barriers are up and properties around the Greyfriars Bridge, which are at higher risk, are being monitored, the fire service says.

Area Commander Mark Preece said: “Surface water flooding on the highways has closed more than 100 roads in Worcestershire and many in Herefordshire and is expected to remain a problem over the weekend."

Roads and footpaths will remain 'dangerous'

Although flood levels are expected to fall over the next 24 hours we're being warned that roads and footpaths will remain dangerous.

The Environment Agency said roads would be dangerous because of mud and gravel left behind and footpaths near rivers will be slippery, even when the water has gone.


Homes and businesses that have been flooded could be contaminated by oil, silt and sewage and the Environment Agency has advice on how to safely clean up afterwards.

Roads remain closed and warnings for drivers

There are 17 roads closed in Herefordshire this morning and one bus service won't be running.

You can get more details here.

Some roads are being reopened, but motorists are being urged to stay out of floodwater.

Worcestershire County Council tweeted this photo of a broken manhole cover on the A38 at Bromsgrove - it said it was hidden beneath the water and some people who ignored road closed signs damaged their vehicles on it.

Manhole cover
Worcestershire County Council

Water levels expected to continue rising

Water levels are expected to rise further today and will remain high for a number of days, the Environment Agency has warned.

There are flood warnings and flood alerts for most rivers in the region, with a peak expected this afternoon in most cases.

Flood map
Environment Agency

The river levels aren't expected to be quite as high as the ones we saw at the end of last month, but as you can see from this photo in Hereford this morning, they're pretty high.

The Met Office doesn't have any weather warnings for the coming days.


Almost 100 people rescued from floodwater

Vanessa Pearce

BBC News

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service says it has now rescued a total of 97 people... and don't forget the dog.

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Rail services running after flood disruption

Train services are running normally this morning after severe disruption on Thursday.

Flooded tracks at Wood End
Network Rail

A "vast amount" of services were cancelled or delayed because of floods and landslides yesterday.

A tunnel between Stratford-upon-Avon and Birmingham flooded as well as rail lines between Birmingham and Leamington Spa, including Wood End station (pictured).

Floodwater is still affecting dozens of roads across the West Midlands.

More than 80 rescued from floodwater

Firefighters helped 35 vehicles stuck in floodwater across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Flood Water
Dave Harford / West Midlands Ambulance Service

Six properties across the two counties were also affected by flooding.

In total, Hereford and Worcester Fire Service says crews had to rescue 87 people and one dog.

More than 30 schools in Worcestershire have already said they will be closed today, with dozens of roads affected.

Dozens of roads and schools affected by flooding

More than 30 schools remain closed across Warwickshire and Worcestershire as floodwater is still affecting roads around the region.

Flood map
Environment Agency

Dozens of flood warnings are in place across the West Midlands following heavy rainfall on Thursday.

The River Avon is expected to peak at Evesham this morning at its highest levels since 2012 with the peak not expected at Stratford-upon-Avon until later.

School transport cancellations for Friday

Allen Cook

BBC News

Parents are already being warned some school transport services in Herefordshire will be disrupted on Friday due to the flooding.

Among the issues already on the Herefordshire Council website are that there'll be no Yeomans services to Eardisland or Dilwyn Common.

The coach service to all Hereford sixth form or further education colleges is also cancelled on Friday.

The authority says there could be more disruption and parents should keep checking its website.

Watch: Advice to people affected by flooding

West Midlands Ambulance has tweeted this helpful video, with some advice for people who suffer flooding.

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Flooding likely to affect rail services for some time

Andy Giddings

BBC News

Flooding on the railway lines is continuing to disrupt train services this evening and National Rail Enquiries said it's not possible to say how long this will continue.

It means delayed, cancelled or revised services on a number of routes and extra congestion at stations.

This was the scene at Wood End station between Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon a short time ago.

Flooded platform
Network Rail

The affected services include:

  • Cross Country trains between Birmingham New Street and Cheltenham Spa, and between Birmingham New Street and Bournemouth
  • Trains between Birmingham and Cardiff
  • Trains between Birmingham and Bristol
  • Trains between Birmingham International and Coventry
  • Trains between Northampton and Rugby
  • Trains between Great Malvern and Hereford
  • Trains between Birmingham and Worcester

And other services are also being affected, simply because of congestion at stations and along rail routes.

Flood map lit up by river warnings

As you can see from this West Midlands flood map from the Environment Agency, there are flood alerts or flood warnings for just about every river in our region this evening.

And the peak for most of them isn't expected until tomorrow and it means flooding of property, roads and farmland is expected.

Flood map
Environment Agency
Heavy rain brings more flooding to the West Midlands.
Heavy rain has brought more flooding to the West Midlands with roads and railway lines blocked and more than 100 schools forced to close.

River levels set to peak on Friday

Andy Giddings

BBC News

Most of the West Midlands saw heavy rain this morning, but the good news is the next few days are looking a lot drier.

Many of us will see some light showers over the next seven days, but nothing like the downpour we've seen today and the Met Office hasn't got any weather warnings for the region after today.

Lydbury North
Ken M

The bad news is more rain has to wash down the rivers from Wales and the north of England, so the Environment Agency says levels won't peak until Friday and are likely to remain high for some time.

More flood warnings likely in next 24 hours

Vanessa Pearce

BBC News

"Appalling" conditions have been seen across the West Midlands region as about one to two inches of rain has fallen today, said the Environment Agency.

Dave Throup

The rain has led to some "very serious surface water flooding", said the agency's Dave Throup.

The prospects for the next few days are "very difficult to tell as the water is running off so quickly", he added.

"Going forward the River Severn, Avon and River Teme - we're likely to be issuing more warnings as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours."

Plenty of rain to come: Met Office

Rain should eventually clear later but not before causing more flooding across the West Midlands, the Met Office is warning.

A yellow warning for rain remains in place until the end of the day.

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Herefordshire flooding not as bad as two weeks ago

Nicola Goodwin

Reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

The River Wye in Hereford, one of the worst affected rivers in the West Midlands, is expected to peak at 5.1m on Friday morning.

This is high but nowhere near what we had two weeks ago, which was the highest recorded since 1998.

Flood barriers in Hereford
Environment Agency

That means there will be water on footpaths and fields, but it shouldn’t affect homes again unless it gets higher.

There are now flood warnings on all rivers in Herefordshire and the Lugg, Teme and Frome have already started bursting their banks, affecting a few roads in the north of the county.

Watch: Stuck in floodwater

Ben Sidwell

BBC Midlands Today

We've been in Bromyard, Herefordshire, and there's been a lot of flooding on the roads in the town.

Cars driven through floods in Bromyard, Herefordshire

While we were filming, two vehicles got stuck in floodwater and needed rescuing.

More than 100 schools closed by flooding

Andy Giddings

BBC News

There are now more than 100 schools closed across the West Midlands.

That includes 61 shut or about to close in Worcestershire, 27 in Warwickshire, 18 in Herefordshire and nine in Shropshire.

Flooded road
Steve Kaack

In some cases it's because the school itself is affected, but in many cases it's because of flooding on surrounding roads.

And parents are being advised to look out for more closures on Friday.

Warnings of hidden dangers on flooded roads

This is the B4352 between Madeley and Clehonger in Herefordshire.

The council is warning there could be debris, road damage and missing drain covers below water level and is telling drivers to avoid it.

Flooded road
Herefordshire Council

And the council has said the B4348 between Peterchurch and Dorstone is at least 30cm (12in) deep over a 50m stretch and is asking people not to attempt to drive through it.

More than 60 West Midlands schools shut due to floods

Thirty six schools are now closed in Worcestershire with another 11 closed in Herefordshire due to flooding.

Across Warwickshire, 13 are now shut.

Six have also now been closed in Shropshire.


Three cars pulled out of flooded lane

Three cars have been pulled out of this road in Herefordshire and the council is asking drivers to stop using Bury Lane, at Wigmore.

Flooded road
Herefordshire Council

More roads closed as flooding worsens

More roads are being closed in Herefordshire as the flooding worsens.

This is the A438 at Portwaym and the council is asking drivers to avoid it if possible.

Flooded road
Herefordshire Council

And this is the current situation at Maund Bryan, on the A417.

The road there is now closed after two vehicles became became stuck and vehicles were seen crossing on to the wrong side of the road, to avoid water on a bend.

Flooded road
Herefordshire Council

More schools shut as flood water rises

Schools across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire are closing today due to flooding:

In Herefordshire:

  • Luston Primary, near Leominster, is closed due to both ends of the village being impassable
  • Bredenbury Primary School, in Bromyard, will be closing at 13:00
  • Michaelchurch Escley, in Hereford, is closed
  • Stoke Prior Primary, also near Leominster, will be closed all day
  • Fairfield High School, in Peterchurch, said it hoped to open as normal again on Friday

In Worcestershire:

  • Blackminster Middle School, in Evesham, will close as soon as all children are collected
  • Broadwas Primary School, in Martley, said it was being affected by flooding on the A44 on both sides of the village
  • Eckington First School, also in Evesham, will close as soon as children are collected
  • Himbleton First School, in Pershore, is now closed
  • Honeybourne First School Academy, in Evesham, is planning to close
  • Pebworth First School said roads nearby were becoming impassable

In Warwickshire two schools are affected:

  • Acorns Primary School, in Long Compton, is fully closed
  • Brailes Primary School, in Lower Brailes, is also closed

More flood warnings and alerts expected

More flood warnings and alerts are expected across Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Shropshire as heavy rain continues, said the Environment Agency.

Flood warning map
Environment Agency

The agency's Dave Throup said there had been heavy rain, in particular over the River Teme in Shropshire and Herefordshire and the Avon catchment in Warwickshire.

"Those rivers are responding pretty quickly," he said.

"There's a lot of standing water and it's only going one way - into the river system.

"We're going to see quite a few more more alerts and warnings through the course of today and then right through the weekend as it works its way into the already full River Severn.

"The ground is - we're calling it - super-saturated, you just can't get any more water in. So even small amounts of rainfall are coming straight off and ponding on the roads."

Dozens of roads affected by flooding

Nearly 30 roads in Worcestershire have been closed due to high flood water.

The council has issued this list.

And in Herefordshire there are problems on the A4110 at Canon Pyon; the B4348 at Allensmore-Dorstone; A438 at Whitney-on-Wye; and A438 near Portway Inn.

Lyonshall flooding
Old Station

Flood water has also started to cause problems on roads further north, in Shropshire.

There are reports of disruption on both the A49 in the county and on the A456.

Flood water affecting roads across counties

Vanessa Pearce

BBC News

Flooding is affecting roads across the West Midlands.

  • The bridge over the River Avon is closed affecting traffic between Eckington and Birlingham in Worcestershire
  • The B5062 in Shropshire remains closed in both directions for emergency repairs to the retaining walls of the bridge
  • Gresy Lane, in Shavington, Crewe, is closed from Rape Lane to Gresty Lane.
  • New Street is closed in both directions between A4104 Old Street and Upper Hood Road in Worcestershire
  • Water Lane is closed between Lower Bullingham Lane and B4399 in Herefordshire.
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