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  1. BreakingGough named Yorkshire cricket director

    Former England fast bowler Darren Gough has been appointed as Yorkshire's interim director of cricket until the end of the 2022 season.

    More to follow...

  2. Friday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    This morning will see sunny spells in places, along with a few patches of cloud.

    Cloud will tend to build throughout the day, becoming overcast for most.

    Tonight will see cloud continuing to build with occasional clearer spells in places.

    Spells of rain will move in overnight, becoming heavy in places towards dawn:

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  3. Thursday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    This morning, blustery showers will drift in from the north. These will most likely be wintry around the coasts and fall as snow inland.

    Showers will tend to ease during the afternoon.

    Tonight, cloud will gradually thicken, with spells of rain arriving during the early hours:

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  4. University staff strike over pay and pensions

    Students at universities in Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and York are facing disruption as lecturers and other staff take part in three days of strike action.

    Picket line outside Leeds University

    A total of 58 universities are taking part in strikes over pay, working conditions and pensions.

    Students, facing more disruption after 18 months of remote learning during Covid, have been urged to check with their lecturers to see if their classes are running.

    The union organising the walkouts has warned of further strikes next year.

    Employers have said the action was "frustrating" and said most staff do not support it.

    Politics student Sharifah Rahman

    Tom Horn, 19, a student at the University of Leeds, said: "After a year of strikes followed by a year and a half of online learning, things are just about getting back into the swing and then we're facing the possibility of months of strikes again."

    But politics student Sharifah Rahman (pictured), 22, said the disruption was a result of employers' decisions, not the "very reasonable" demands of staff.

    "We're paying for a service and then we're having to suffer from strikes, which are disrupting our learning," she said.

  5. Wednesday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    Today will start cloudy with spells of rain which should clear during the afternoon with some brightness developing.

    Blustery showers will develop in the afternoon, becoming wintry over higher ground this evening.

    Showers should ease for a time overnight but develop towards dawn, falling as snow in places:

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