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BreakingAberdeen player tests positive for coronavirus amid lockdown

Chris McLaughlin

BBC Sport Scotland

Aberdeen training
Aberdeen's training session was cancelled on Thursday after the positive test

An Aberdeen player has tested positive for coronavirus after the city was locked down due to a cluster of cases.

Restrictions were imposed on Wednesday, with the number of new cases in the city having risen to 79 - with more expected in the coming days.

The Scottish government had said that the lockdown will not impact Aberdeen's Premiership visit to play St Johnstone in Perth on Saturday.

That is because football clubs "are operating within a sporting bubble".

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BreakingAberdeen cluster increases to 79 cases

Aberdeen city centre
Getty Images

Turning to the Aberdeen outbreak, Nicola Sturgeon confirms 79 cases are now associated with the cluster.

This is an increase of 25 on yesterday.

A further 30 cases are being investigated to see if they are linked, she adds, while 233 contacts have been traced.

Addressing concerns about other customers of the bars and restaurants involved, Ms Sturgeon says this may be because they were not there at the same time as the infected person or within 2m of them while there.

However, she reiterates the need to self-isolate if you have symptoms and to book a test.

Coronavirus: Lockdown restriction on Aberdeen as pub cluster grows
Pubs and restaurants will have to close for at least seven days and new limits on travel are in force.

FM warns pub cluster cases 'expected to rise'

The Hawthorn pub
A total of 27 cases have so far been linked to the Hawthorn bar in Aberdeen

The first minister has warned the number of coronavirus cases linked to an Aberdeen pub is expected to rise from its current total of 27.

Nicola Sturgeon also revealed 15 of Scotland's new 23 positive cases were detected by NHS Grampian.

The cluster, linked to people who visited the Hawthorn Bar on 26 July, emerged on Sunday.

During her daily media briefing Ms Sturgeon said: "Let me be clear, I would expect that number to rise."

She confirmed 120 contacts have been identified through the test and protect system.

The incident management team, which is led by NHS Grampian, will meet again on Tuesday afternoon.

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Can we keep on top of Covid as restrictions are lifted?

Chris Littlejohn, deputy director of Public Health at NHS Grampian, has said the Covid cluster in Aberdeen is a reminder that the virus "is still out there - even when it looks like it has gone".

The number of confirmed cases linked to the Hawthorn bar rose to 27 yesterday, with more than 120 people contacted in connection with the localised outbreak.

Any time that we congregate in public, there is a risk that there is someone in the crowd who is infected and doesn't even know it. The real challenge for us is, with all the precautionary measures we are being asked to live with and the contact tracing, is it enough? As the restrictions are lifted, are we going to see more and more of this and can we keep on top of it?

Chris LittlejohnNHS Grampian deputy director of public health

Aberdeen cluster: 'We don't know if anyone let their guard down'

Good Morning Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland

Hawthorn Bar

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she "won't hesitate" to reintroduce lockdown restrictions if Covid-19 starts to get "out of control".

It comes as the number of people linked to a coronavirus cluster at the Hawthorn Bar in Aberdeen has risen to 27 cases.

Chris Littlejohn, NHS Grampian's deputy director of public health, says it is not yet known whether anyone "let their guard down" in terms of social distancing and personal hygiene measures.

He told the Good Morning Scotland programme: "The infection came into the bar from outside. All the appropriate measures were in place in the bar, so there is no pointing fingers.

"In terms of the 27, what we do know is that there has been subsequent spread within households and people have passed it on to their family members."

Could additional restrictions be introduced in Aberdeen?

David Shanks from BBC Scotland asks whether additional restrictions on pubs in Aberdeen will be necessary.

Ms Sturgeon says she does not want to bring in further restrictions, but it will be considered if needed.

Restrictions up to and including shutting down restaurants could be looked at, she warns.

She says if a cluster cannot be contained, that would put us in a dangerous position and the government will have to act.

Police arrest man in Carlisle over Aberdeen incident

Police in Carlisle say they arrested a man in the Oakshaw Close area yesterday on suspicion of attempted murder in Aberdeen.

Police logo
Cumbria Police

Officers say the man in his 30s was held at the request of Police Scotland, over an incident in April.

Aberdeen announce £1m of wage cuts to help plug £10m shortfall

Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack
Chairman Dave Cormack says the club's position had become "unsustainable"

Aberdeen Football Club have announced £1m of pay cuts to help plug a £10m shortfall due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Staff earning over £30,000 per year have agreed to take reductions averaging 20%.

The club say the deal will close a "widening funding gap" caused by being unable to start the new campaign in front of fans.

"Our situation was becoming unsustainable," said chairman Dave Cormack.

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