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Football: Jersey to face Manx test

Brent Pilnick

BBC Sport

Parishes of Jersey v Yorkshire
John Phillips/YIFA Kendal

The Parishes of Jersey football team will play their second match in June.

The island side, which plays in the Conifa federation for non-Fifa footballing nations, will face the Isle of Man on Saturday 1 June.

The two sides will play at Northern Premier League Division One side Ossett United's ground in Yorkshire.

Jersey's side made its debut against Yorkshire in October with a 2-1 win at St Peter.

One in ten gives £1,000 to charity

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

One in 10 Guernsey people gave more than £1,000 to charity last year.

The statistic was released as part of a report by Island Global Research, which conducted surveys in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

By comparison, 7% of people donated more than £1,000 in Jersey, but the Isle of Man had the highest number with 13%.

Jersey residents donated an average of £280 during 2018, while in Guernsey the figure was £340.

Nearly a quarter of people in Guernsey regularly supports four or more charities.

Island Global Research
The darker colours show how many people regularly donate
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