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Crown Dependencies Brexit survey results announced

Hayley Westcott

BBC News Online

About 60% of people in Jersey and Guernsey would vote for Britain to remain in the European Union in the event of a referendum, according to a recent survey.

The survey - carried out by Island Global Research - was completed by 5,842 residents in the three Crown Dependencies - Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

The aim of the survey was to discover what people thought about Brexit and to learn what they are most worried about.

Only island residents who had lived in the UK within the past 15 years of the referendum vote on 23 June 2016 were eligible to vote.

More information on the results can be found here.

Island Global Research
Severe flooding hits the Isle of Man
Residents were trapped in their homes as a river burst its banks in the village of Laxey.
Fire officer describes moment fire engine was washed away in Isle of Man floods
A fire chief describes the moment a fire engine was washed down a road in flood waters.

Mountain Road closed for safety work

More disruption on the island tomorrow.

The Department for Infrastructure says the planned closure of the Mountain Road will go ahead on Wednesday to allow vital safety work.

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Isle of Man weather: Rain clearing and winds easing

Weather conditions on the island are set to improve, according to the Met Office in Ronaldsway.


Weather experts are forecasting a dry evening with clear spells, the winds becoming a moderate north or northwest, and with temperatures dropping to 6C.

Wednesday will be dry and bright with lengthy sunny spells and a light to moderate north-westerly breeze and top temperatures of 14C.

Mountain Road still closed following landslides

The Mountain Road will remain closed until at least 18:00, when it will be reviewed, police say.

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Laxey flooding 2015: Bridge collapsed in heavy rain

It's not the first time the village of Laxey has been hit by flooding following torrential rain.

The bridge in Lower Laxey collapsed and fell into the river below

A bridge in Lower Laxey collapsed following floods in December 2015 plunging an empty school bus into the river.

Fortunately the driver escaped uninjured.

The Mountain Road was also closed after a landslide blocked the carriageway.

'The waters rose very quickly'

David and Bernie Smith, who live on the opposite side of the river to where the flooding happened in Laxey, said water levels "rose very quickly" and began to flow out onto the road.

"People quickly on the other side started to move cars and things," David said.

Bernie added: "We could see the schoolchildren trying to walk what would obviously be a route then they realised they couldn't get through and it was getting higher."

"You just feel so sorry for the people whose homes have been damaged and obviously people who can't return to their homes until they're sorted out. But it seems a good community spirit; everybody's helping.

"The emergency services have put a lot of effort in and no doubt they're going to have to carry on for quite a while yet."

David and Bernie Smith

School run warning for IOM parents

Parents collecting their children at the end of the school day are being warned to look out for surface water and debris on the island's roads.

The island's Department of Education, Sport and Culture said: "There are no anticipated problems with school bus services."

At the scene

Sadhbh O'Shea, BBC News Online

This morning it was pouring down with rain and the place was simply completely flooded.

Laxey is on a slope so water was flowing down in one direction, filling side alleys and moving into the main road, taking bits of debris with it.

People are concerned because they've been through this before when the river flooded in previous years.

It has been quite a surprise for people to wake up to these scenes and see just how bad it was. One villager tells me this is the worst he's ever seen.

However, the fire brigade and everybody has been pulling together to bring things under control. From about 14:00 BST the rain started abating and the sun came out so things are now starting to look more positive.

Manx floods

'I've never seen such bad weather'

Christian Rothwell, who was unable to get to work this morning, said: “I’ve been here 12 years and I’ve not seen it like that before.

"It’s horrible. I feel for everyone who’s trying to get around today. Some of those houses down there are going to be a big mess.”

Christian Rothwell

Cafe offers food and shelter despite 'water up to windows'

One cafe owner has been giving out sandwiches and tea and coffee to police, firefighters and those who have fled their homes.

Ballacregga Old Cornmill and Tearooms in Laxey has thrown open its doors.

We're be open as long as we can to offer food and shelter. It's been quite bad with people having to go upstairs in their homes to avoid the water which I think has been up the windows.

Stephen O'Rourke, 47.Cafe owner

'There are goldfish all over the place'

Dan Kneale, whose father lives opposite the river, came to assess the damage after the property was flooded with about a foot of water.

"He’s away at the moment, so he doesn’t know yet, so I’m going to have to spoil his holiday,” Mr Kneale said.

“We’ve just been rescuing goldfish from the next door neighbour’s pond because they’ve escaped and they’re all over the place."

Dan Knea\les

Some roads reopen after flooding

While the coast road from Laxey to Ramsey has now reopened, Isle of Man Police are still urging drivers to drive carefully and look out for possible debris on the road.

The force also says the Creg Ny Baa back road, and Little Mill Road, Onchan, are both now open.

But residents are still waiting for access their homes on Glen Road in Laxey. Several properties have suffered major damage in the floods.

Police said: "Access for residents is a priority but we are not sure if the road will be able to be fully opened any time soon."

'Floods were scary in the dark'

John Senagles, who lives close to the river in Laxey, said he was woken by the noise of the water in the early hours of the morning.

“You could hear the water coming down and I managed to get some of the grids open and cleared them to divert the water," he said.

“It was dark, so it was quite scary."

John Senagles

Laxey flooding 'may worsen' with incoming tide

Alex Bell, BBC News


Village of Laxey cut off from 'road and sea' for a time

Flood-hit Laxey was totally cut off for a while with "no safe access to the village by sea or road", the Isle of Man government said.


A government spokesman said a UK Coastguard helicopter was sent to the scene as a result and stayed "on standby for several hours".

Fire crews have now been pumping water out of flooded homes while residents seek shelter elsewhere.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle, who is attending the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, will visit Laxey on Wednesday to "speak to local residents and those caring for them".

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Video shows force of flood water in Laxey

This video, which emerged earlier, shows the force of the flood water in Laxey, almost engulfing a fire engine.

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Urgent repairs to stop Laxey flooding

Rescuers are using diggers to ease the flooding in Laxey.

Isle of Man Police

They are being used to reinforce defences with sandbags and moving debris.

Isle of Man Police

Safety of pupils 'paramount' as schools closed

The flooding has also led the closure of Laxey and Dhoon primary schools, the Department of Education, Sport and Culture said.

Martyn Perkins

Education minister Graham Cregeen said the safety of pupils and staff travelling to and from school was "always of paramount importance to us when we make decisions".

Martyn Perkins MHK said members of the civil defence and the fire service were on the scene to "give assistance" to those whose homes had been flooded.

Police show devastation amid Laxey floods

Another wall is being breached in Laxey to alleviate the flooding.

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Emergency services are 'outstanding'

Jo Bersee-Mills says the emergency services have been "outstanding" as they deal with flooding in Laxey.

She has shared a view from her bedroom window showing what they have been dealing with.

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Isle of Man flooding: A recap of what's been happening

A major incident has been declared on the Isle of Man as severe flooding left people trapped in their homes.

Laxey flooding

A coastguard helicopter and the fire service are helping to evacuate several properties in the Glen Road area, Manx police said.

Heavy rain has shut the Mountain Road and parts of the Laxey to Ramsey Coast Road and Mill Road in Onchan.

Those stranded in their houses were advised to "go upstairs and await rescue", a police spokesman added.