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It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

A unique car once owned by the late actress Diana Dors has been put up for auction and is expected to fetch £4m. She paid £5,000 for it. How much would that be in today's money?

Dors car
  1. £91,000
  2. £890,000
  3. £1.2m

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Who said it was "proper" that he was not invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding?

  1. John Major
    John Major
  2. President Obama
    Barack Obama
  3. Steven Spielberg
    Steven Spielberg


Actor Ted Danson and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright WERE among the guests when Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky tied the knot at a lavish ceremony in upstate New York.

Bill and Chelsea Clinton

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The curtain fell on the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona. Which country won the most medals in the men's events?

Men's sprint relay
  1. Britain
  2. France
  3. Russia

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Supermodel Naomi Campbell gave evidence at Charles Taylor's war crimes trial this week, an appearance she described as what?

Naomi Campbell
  1. A terrible trauma
  2. A big inconvenience
  3. A huge relief

5.) Missing Word Question

Spider * a question of gravity

  1. speed
  2. size
  3. man

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Rap star Wyclef Jean confirmed he is to run for president of Haiti. Which of these musicians with political ambitions is the odd one out?

Wyclef Jean
  1. Dave Rowntree from Blur
  2. Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil
  3. Sonny Bono from Sonny and Cher

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Birthday cakes for these three in the coming week. Who is the oldest?

  1. Geri Halliwell
    Geri Halliwell
  2. Lawrence Dallaglio
    Lawrence Dallaglio
  3. Charlize Theron
    Charlize Theron


  1. It's £91,000, according to the National Archive currency converter. The 1949 Delahaye Type 175 S Roadster, with its vivid turquoise paintwork, is described as "a rolling sculpture'' by RM auctions, which is selling the car.
  2. It was Mr Obama, who said: "I was not invited because I think Hillary and Bill, properly, want to keep this as a thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband." Mr Major and Mr Spielberg were rumoured to be on the guest list, but have not publicly confirmed whether they attended.
  3. It was Britain, with 15 medals, including five golds. France's men won 13 medals, of which seven were gold. With women included, Russia topped the medals table with 10 golds.
  4. Asked during questioning if she was nervous, she replied: "This is a big inconvenience for me. I really don't want anything to do with this." Mr Taylor, Liberia's former president, denies all the charges.
  5. In some species of spider, females are far bigger than males. Now a group of Spanish researchers says evolution favours small, light males because they can hang upside down as they traverse thin strands of silk in search of mating opportunities.
  6. Rowntree has twice unsuccessfully stood for election as a Labour MP. Garrett, a member of the Australian Labor Party, has been sworn in as minister for Enviroment Protection, Heritage and the Arts. Republican Sonny Bono was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1994, a position he held until his death in 1998.
  7. It's Halliwell, who is 38 today (Friday). Former rugby player Dallaglio will be the same age on Tuesday, but actress Theron is the baby. She will have only 35 candles to blow out on Saturday.

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