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'Tis the season to sit back and cast an eye over 2010. But how much do you remember? Test yourself with the Magazine's four-part compilation of the best of the year's quizzes. Here it's July - September. PLUS a special bonus question each day - see below for details.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

Tony Hayward stepped down as BP's chief executive in July, as the clean-up of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico went on. What was his parting shot?

Tony Hayward
  1. I've been demonised
  2. It wasn't our accident
  3. Environmental impact was very, very modest


The rig blast on 20 April killed 11 workers and caused one of the worst environmental disasters in US history. It took five months for the well to be completely sealed. BP was widely condemned for its slow response to the leak. Every day crude oil was still leaking into the ocean, US anger towards BP mounted.

Dead fish

2.) Multiple Choice Question

July marked exactly two years until the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. But which venue had already been nicknamed The Pringle?

Two Olympics sites
  1. Velodrome (top)
  2. Aquatic centre (bottom)

3.) Missing Word Question

Petition to stop * lessons

  1. religious
  2. over-crowded
  3. Simpsons

4.) Multiple Choice Question

The coalition government marked its 100th day in office in August. How did David Cameron mark this milestone?

David Cameron and Nick Clegg
  1. Gave Nick Clegg a specially engraved ink pen
  2. Held a special dinner for all cabinet
  3. Went on holiday

5.) Multiple Choice Question

While on holiday, David Cameron's daughter Florence Rose Endellion was born, named after a Cornish village. But where in Cornwall was she born?

Florence and David Cameron
  1. Padstow
  2. Truro
  3. St Austell

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The last ever regular series of Channel 4's Big Brother finished in August. It was won by sales rep Josie Gibson. There were 11 regular series of the show, but how many were there in total with all the spin-offs?

Josie Gibson
  1. 15
  2. 18
  3. 21

7.) Multiple Choice Question

British explorer Ed Stafford became the first man to walk the entire length of the River Amazon in August. What did the Briton say he lived on during the epic 28-month trek?

Ed Stafford
  1. Arrow frog and rice
  2. Piranha and rice
  3. Three-toed sloth and rice

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Tony Blair published his autobiography in September, entitled A Journey. In it who did he describe as a "manipulator" like himself?

  1. Princess Diana
    Princess Diana
  2. Peter Mandelson
    Peter Mandelson
  3. Nicolas Sarkozy
    Nicolas Sarkozy


The autobiography, based on his time as the prime minister, broke sales records. In it he also wrote about concerns over the amount of alcohol he was drinking while in office. He donated the reported £4m advance for the book and all royalties to a sports centre for injured soldiers.

Tony Blair's autobiography

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the UK on a state visit in September. But the start was marred when one of his aides reportedly said arriving at Heathrow airport was like what?

  1. Being in a cattle pen
  2. Landing in a Third World country
  3. Being slapped in the face


Hundreds of thousands of people turned out to see the pontiff during the four-day visit, which started in Scotland. The trip included numerous public events, including Mass at Westminster Cathedral and the beatification of Cardinal Newman in Birmingham.

The Pope and crowds

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Roger Federer got a standing ovation at the US Open in September after pulling off a spectacular through-the-legs winner in his first-round match. What is this shot called?

Roger Federer
  1. Bagel
  2. Hotdog
  3. Poach

11.) Multiple Choice Question

Victoria Beckham became the toast of the New York fashion week in September. Who did she say had influenced her?

Victoria Beckham
  1. Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi
  2. Actress and activist Audrey Hepburn
  3. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs

12.) Multiple Choice Question

"Oh dear, it was me." Who said this in September?

  1. Imprisoned pop singer George Michael, when arrested
    George Michael
  2. British boy who sent abusive e-mail to Barack Obama
  3. Boxer Ricky Hatton, when confronted about a drug habit
    Ricky Hatton


  1. Mr Hayward said he had been "demonised and vilified". He also said the other two statements, but earlier in the crisis. He came under fire for a series of public relations gaffes and was dubbed "wayward Hayward" by the press.
  2. It's the £95m velodrome, which is expected to be the first major venue completed, next month. The aquatic centre is considered more "wavy" than "Pringly". Work on the Olympic site continued throughout 2010. So did planning, including a drive to recruit 8,000 London Ambassadors to help visitors during the Games. More than 240,000 people volunteered.
  3. It's Simpsons. More than 400 signatures have been collected calling for a school in Somerset to stop teaching the US cartoon series The Simpsons as part of a media module.
  4. He marked the power-sharing milestone by going on holiday, leaving Nick Clegg in charge. The government said during the first 100 days it had got to grips with the budget deficit and created the conditions for economic growth.
  5. She was born by caesarean section at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. Florence took her parents a bit by surprise, coming a few weeks early. She had been due in September. The prime minister described his daughter as "unbelievably beautiful".
  6. It's 21. Along with the 11 regular series, there were seven celebrity editions, one youth version and the 2007 series Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack, which allowed celebrities to set Big Brother-style tasks for young contestants. Finally, there was Ultimate Big Brother, which followed on immediately from Josie's win. It featured top housemates from all the past years. It was won by ex-air steward Brian Dowling.
  7. It's piranha and rice. The adventurer completed the 6,000 mile (9,600 km) trek along the length of the river in 859 days, walking from Peru to the Brazilian coast. The Amazon is about 4,000 miles long, but he travelled an extra 2,000 miles due to flooding. During the trip he had to contend with vipers and electric eels and was also wrongly accused of murder.
  8. It was Diana. In the book Mr Blair describes the Princess of Wales as down-to-earth, charming and intelligent, but also stubborn and prone to be over-emotional. "We were both, in our own way, manipulators," he wrote.
  9. Cardinal Walter Kasper reportedly said it was like landing in a "Third World" country. During his visit the Pope paid tribute to Britain's multiculturalism. This week it was announced that he will deliver BBC Radio 4's Thought of the Day on Christmas Eve.
  10. It's a hotdog, also known as tweener. Federer made headlines around the world with the shot. A bagel is a 6-0 set and a poach is intercepting a return destined for your doubles partner.
  11. It's Constantin Brancusi. Beckham's catwalk show at New York fashion week was the hot ticket. She was also nominated for Designer Brand of the Year at this year's British Fashion Awards, but lost to Mulberry.
  12. It was Luke Angel, a 17-year-old from Bedfordshire who sent an e-mail "full of abusive and threatening language" to the US president. In it he expressed his dislike of Mr Obama and the US government. As a result he was banned from ever entering the US.

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