How music-buying habits have changed

HMV is having a bad time, with sales dropping and 60 shops closing, but how has the way we buy music changed?

Other major High Street names like Woolworths and Zavvi have failed in the last few years, and independent shops have also felt the pinch.

So is the shift to downloading to blame for the travails of the record shop?

But there is - as one might expect - a marked disparity in how different age groups buy their music.

Music specialists - which includes HMV in the following graph - are heavily patronised by the over-60s.

And 20-29 year olds, rather than teenagers, are the most avid downloaders.


The data also shows that different genres tend to be bought in different ways.

Rock is the most downloaded, as a proportion of purchases. But country fans like to get their music from a music specialist. And MOR [middle of the road] fans tend to pop to a supermarket.



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