50 of the strangest newspaper names


Readers have helped to compile a long list of distinctively-named local newspapers after reading the Magazine's feature on some unlikely paper titles.

The debate was sparked by the launch of News Corp's iPad paper, which has the rather simple moniker, The Daily.

Now readers have come up with some other imaginatively-titled papers from around the globe.

Here are 50 of the most distinguished.

1. How about Enniskillen, County Fermanagh's Impartial Reporter?

Fergus Sullivan, San Francisco, California, US

2. My favourite is from a small town near the Missouri state capital, Linn. Their paper is the Unterrified Democrat.

Janet Breid, Columbia, Missouri, US

3. New Orleans has rejoiced in the Times-Picayune for many, many years, even though it is anything but picayune in my book.

E S Holmans, London

4. The Arran Banner is the only newspaper named after a potato. The Banner was one of a number of potato varieties developed by local Donald McKelvie in 1927, on the plot of land where the Arran High School now stands. The Arran Banner is the weekly newspaper for the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

John C, Macclesfield, UK

5. I know it wasn't a national newspaper, but our Sixth Form had an underground publication called the Egregious Hippogriff for a while. There are some interesting names of student publications across the country.

Chad Gething, London

6. Fidel Castro and his Marxist followers landed in Cuba from a boat called Granma. Once the revolution had succeeded, the national daily paper was renamed Granma and remains so to this day. A friend is just back from a Cuban Holiday and confirmed that Granma is still on sale.

J King, Pilton, Somerset, England

7. The Falmouth Packet is the very long-standing local newspaper in Falmouth, Cornwall. It gets its name from the packet ships - the fast mail-carrying sailing ships which used to arrive in Falmouth.

Katie D, London

8. My favourite newspaper title is in Broken Hill, Australia - the Barrier Daily Truth. Could there be a better title for what a newspaper is supposed to do - tell the truth?

Roger Stonebanks, Victoria, Canada

9. My hometown newspaper back in Massachusetts is the Carlisle Mosquito.

Will Harte, Iowa City, US

10. You forgot about the Onion!

Josh Barton, London

11. The Tombstone Epitaph (Tombstone, Arizona, US) is an unusual name.

Dan Macry, Austin, Texas, US

12. I'm a cataloguer with the California Newspaper Project. The strangest title I've run across in almost 12 years at this job is actually a title from the state of Nevada which was publishing early in the 20th Century: the Bullfrog Miner. Don't ask - I have no idea what they were thinking.

Christine, Riverside, California

13. In Japan there is an English-language newspaper called The Mainichi Daily. "Mainichi" in Japanese means daily so the paper is the Daily Daily.

Robin Bulow, London

14 & 15. Surely the most pleasing name must be the Bunyip, published in the South Australian country town of Gawler. The Bunyip is a mythical beast derived from aboriginal lore, and said to inhabit billabongs, rivers etc. Less bizarre, but usually provoking laughter from non-Victorians who know it not, is Sunraysia Daily - published in Mildura in Northern Victoria, centre of the Sunraysia grape-growing and citrus fruits district.

Murray Hedgcock, London

16. One of Canada's oldest newspapers is the venerable Kingston Whig Standard.

Kevin Hill, Winnipeg, Canada

17. My hometown paper in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, is called the Casket.

Margaret Chernosky, Bangor, Maine, US

18. How about the Saskatoon StarPhoenix (originally two papers, the Saskatoon Daily Star and the Saskatoon Phoenix, which merged in 1928).

Clara, Saskatoon, Canada

19. Tourists always get confused by the West Highland Free Press. When I worked in a Skye petrol station, I used to have to gently point out to some customers that the paper was not actually free!

Kate, UK

20 & 21. Ohio has a number of wonderful newspaper titles, including Cleveland's Plain Dealer [which featured in the 10 unusual newspaper names feature]. But can you beat either the Toledo Blade or the Youngstown Vindicator?

Kevin Cox, Columbus, Ohio US

22. Not my local paper, but the Royston Crow is my favourite title. Where did that come from?

Chris Ward, Beckenham, UK

23. The strangest newspaper name in Oxfordshire has to be the Banbury Cake. It's bizarrely inappropriate, but wonderfully memorable. I can't decide whether it's the work of a complete lunatic or a marketing genius.

Anonymous, Oxfordshire, UK

24. Southport Visiter - why is the spelling odd?

Alan Breeze, Bebington, Wirral, UK

25. The Bloomington, Illinois, Pantagraph has always been a favourite of mine dating back to my journalism school days.

K, Farmington, Connecticut, US

26. Louisville Eccentric Observer, now officially the LEO Weekly or just LEO (pronounced Leo, not L-E-O).

JJ, Louisville, Kentucky, US

27 & 28. In the 1970s I was a reporter on a newspaper in Memphis, Tennessee, called the Memphis Press-Scimitar. I loved the name because it seemed to reflect a kind of romantic journalism I wanted to practise. Sadly the Press-Scimitar is no longer published, but the other Memphis newspaper, the Commercial Appeal, still is. Quite a different feel to that name.

David Flynn, Nashville, Tennessee, US

29. My small riverside town has the Grand River Sachem, a sachem being a rather highly-ranked chief among the natives.

Ed Gilliam, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

30. In Bel Air, Maryland (where I grew up) the local paper is called the Aegis, after Zeus' impenetrable goat-skin breastplate armour. I always enjoyed the locals not being able to even pronounce it, let alone know what it was named for.

Sharon Wielechowski, Baltimore, Maryland, US

31. My home town is St Anthony, on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. "Peninsula" is sometimes shortened to "Pen", and so the local newspaper, which services the entire peninsula, is called the Northern Pen.

Ford Elms, St. John's, Newfoundland

32. You missed the Sacramento Bee.

Justin Ward, Glasgow, Scotland

33. Surely the Burlington Hawkeye deserves a place in this list?

Forest Hill, Australia

34. The Keswick Reminder is the gentlest of newspapers, its few pages are packed with useful information! It is North Lakeland's local newspaper; founded February 1896.

A Middleton, Kendal, Cumbria, UK

35. Three years ago we merged four small weekly newspapers, all located within Labette County Kansas. We needed to find a newspaper name that would be acceptable to all four towns, and we chose Labette Avenue. I would doubt if there's another "Avenue" newspaper name in the world.

Rudy Taylor, Oswego, Kansas, US

36. Our local rag is the Kenora Daily Miner and News.

Jan Richardson, Kenora, Ontario, Canada

37. Here's an American favourite newspaper title, in Colorado - Boulder Daily Camera.

Roger Stonebanks, Victoria, Canada

38. I know it's fictitious, but I've always liked the name of the newspaper in King of the Hill - the Arlen Bystander.

Simon, Edinburgh, Scotland

39. Chester's weekly paper is called the Chester Chronicle. It is, unfortunately and frequently, shortened to the Chronic.

Clare, Chester, UK

40. The morning newspaper in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was named the Intelligencer Journal. To save money, it merged with the afternoon newspaper a couple of years ago and is now the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era.

Andrew, Pennsylvania, US

41. My local paper is the Hunterdon County Democrat. This invokes a degree of irony considering the fact that they have had a conservative Republican bias for years.

Bruce Pierson, Glen Gardner, New Jersey, US

42. There is quite large a regional newspaper based in Bologna, Italy called Il Resto del Carlino - the change from a "Carlino", which was a local coin in usage when the paper was founded.

Richie, Brussels, Belgium

43. Surely the Salvation Army newspaper the War Cry must be pretty high on an unusual name list. Still going after 100 years.

Rhys Hughes. Broadstairs, UK

44. Sheffield has the Green 'Un, which is so named because it is green.

Ian, London

45. I do like Offaly Independent!

Johnny, Edinburgh, Scotland

46. I have a list of all the newspapers (those registered with Newspaper Society) in the UK. Your Leek Paper is one of the more unusual ones.

Nick, Birmingham, UK

47. My last job before retirement in 2006 was that of editor of the Banffshire Journal. Back in the 1800s its full title was Banffshire Journal, Aberdeenshire Mail, Moray, Nairn, and Inverness Review, and Northern Farmer. Can anyone beat that for length?

Mike George, Portgordon, Scotland

48. In Bradford, where I grew up, the local paper is called the Telegraph and Argus. Telegraph, bringing news from a long way away, and Argus, after the mythological all-seeing giant who had 100 eyes. You can rely on it to cover all the news!

Michael d'Arcy, London

49. There is the Huddersfield Examiner. A great local paper serving the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire.

Karen, London

....and finally, it's not always the name that's different...

50. A paper with an ordinary name but a lovely slogan, is the Charlottetown Guardian from Prince Edward Island. Its slogan says it "covers Prince Edward Island like the dew".

Judy Langford, Saskatchewan, Canada