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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

Downing Street's new cat moved in this week. Larry is the latest in a long line of felines to live at No 10, but which of these was not a prime minister's cat?

  1. Sybil
  2. Humphrey
  3. Treasury Bill
  4. Wilberforce


Treasury Bill came to No 10 in 1924 with Ramsay MacDonald. Wilberforce came with Edward Heath and served under four prime ministers from 1970 to 1988. Humphrey arrived during Margaret Thatcher's final year in office in 1989 and lasted until retirement in 1997, amid rumours Cherie Blair wasn't fond of cats.

Cherie and Humphrey

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Nokia has teamed up with Microsoft to use Windows on its phones. What is its existing operating system called?

Mobile phone
  1. MeeGo
  2. Bada
  3. Symbian

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The Sun has unleashed a solar eruption that triggered a huge geomagnetic storm, in its most powerful explosion in four years. What is the strongest type of solar flare classified as?

Solar flare
  1. X-flare
  2. Superflare
  3. Magnetic flare

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Who said: "One of the things we teach our children to do is say sorry. It is not a humiliation; it is my choice."

  1. Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan after China overtook it as the world's second largest economy
    Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan
  2. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman dropping controversial plans to sell state-owned woodland
  3. Actor Charlie Sheen coming out of rehab
    Charlie Sheen

5.) Missing Word Question

China row over * goldfish magic trick

  1. synchronised
  2. disappearing
  3. dancing

6.) Multiple Choice Question

A logo will have to be broadcast by any show using product placement when it starts in the UK at the end of the month. But which types of show cannot contain product placement?

Product placement logo
  1. Sports programmes
  2. Documentaries
  3. Current affairs programmes

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Tinie Tempah, who won two Brit awards, is one of several rappers whose names suggest a diminutive height. But which one is shortest?

Tinie Tempah
  1. Tinie Tempah
  2. Tinchy Stryder
  3. Chipmunk


The grime star was widely cited as the smallest male artist ever to reach number one at 5ft 1ins (1.5m), when he hit the top spot in 2009. Tinie Tempah told the Guardian he was 5ft 9in (1.7m) in 2010. And he says he picked his stage name because he used to be "short and chubby", but Chipmunk's had a growth spurt and is now 5ft 11in (1.8m).

Tinchy Stryder


  1. It's Sybil. She lived at No 10, but with the then Chancellor Alastair Darling. He resided there while Gordon Brown and his family inhabited the traditional chancellor's residence of No 11.
  2. It's Symbian. The MeeGo is an upcoming operating system, which is now expected to form the core of Nokia's future smartphone and tablet strategy. Bada is Samsung's operating system.
  3. It's an X-flare. Solar flares are classified as A, B, C, M or X according to the peak flux.
  4. It's Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman. Japan's Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano played down the significance of the shift in the economic league table. Charlie Sheen came out of rehab saying he was "supremely grateful" people had stepped in to help him.
  5. It's synchronised. Chinese animal rights groups are urging TV stations not to show a magic trick of goldfish swimming in formation, saying it could involve the use of magnets and therefore harm the fish. The magician at the centre of the controversy, Fu Yandong, denies this.
  6. It's current affairs programmes, along with news, children's, religious and consumer advice programmes made for UK audiences.
  7. It's Tinchy Stryder.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Tinchy

4 - 6 : Not so Tinie

7 - 7 : Big Boi

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