Royal wedding watch: A hunger strike, wedding cakes and puppies

By Brigitt Hauck
BBC News


With the big day nearing for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the internet is abuzz with royal wedding stories. As a confessed wedding obsessive, I'll be keeping up with what's being talked about. Today's round up includes a hunger strike, wedding cakes and puppies.

Don't forget to check the post this week. Invitations to the Royal Wedding have been signed, sealed and delivered.

Though, as expected, an envelope adorned with the Queen's official seal won't come through everyone's letter boxes.

No matter. Estibalis Chavez, a 19-year-old from Mexico, feels particularly snubbed and has staged a hunger strike outside the British embassy in Mexico City in a bid to gain an invitation, says MSNBC's Royal Wedding blog the Windsor Knot.

"The Mexican teen hasn't eaten for the past eight days - consuming only water - in hopes that her bizarre, pathetic stunt will force Will and Kate to invite her to their exclusive wedding celebration."

And Chavez, convinced her hunger pangs won't go unnoticed by the couple, asks:

"Are they going to let me die just because they wouldn't give me an invitation to the royal wedding?"

Sound logical? Don't rush to skip any meals. The stunt hasn't persuaded Palace officials, says the Daily Mail.

"In a statement, the British embassy confirmed staff were aware of her campaign, but said: 'Buckingham Palace regrets that there are no more spots available.'"

Meanwhile, the foodies of the world are cooking up a royal storm over wedding cakes.

Food firm Betty Crocker has designed four wedding cakes in honour of the upcoming nuptials, despite the company's reputation as an "icon of a certain kind of middle-class American domesticity", says AOL food blog Slashfood.

"The odds that Betty Crocker would be asked to bake the wedding cake for Prince William and his fiancée may seem about as likely as Spam showing up on the couple's hors d'oeuvre list. Yes, Betty Crocker may be better known for the boxed cake mixes that have yielded the tried-and-true three-layer round SuperMoist birthday cakes... but it seems even this pre-feminist paragon of housewifery longs to cast off her apron and aim for something a little more sexy and extravagant."

It's doubtful the future king and queen will be cutting into a boxed cake on their wedding day, but stranger things have happened.

On the BBC's very own Royal Wedding Insider, Brides Magazine deputy editor Sally Kilbridge suggests it's more likely "the royal twosome will choose a traditional design - towering white tiers, sugar flowers, a grand monogram - what's inside is anyone's guess".

Either way, Access Hollywood says the cake will be organic, as per Kate's request.

Speaking of Kate's requests, designer Vivienne Westwood can be added to the list of fashion luminaries who have not been asked to craft the future princess's top-secret wedding dress. The Telegraph reports, at London Fashion Week, Westwood said:

''I would have loved to have dressed Kate Middleton but I have to wait until she kind of catches up a bit somewhere with style. Sorry. I'm not going to say any more, that's it."

Although Kate and William remain close-lipped about most of the wedding details, German newspaper Spiegel Online says the couple is considering whether or not to accept a dog breeder's offer of a purebred Bolonka puppy as a wedding gift.

"Making contact with Britain's royal family hasn't been easy. He [the breeder Burkhard Strohbach] says he travelled to London a few weeks ago but couldn't find the Buckingham Palace mailbox. Back in Sebnitz, he made a second attempt. 'Your Majesty,' he wrote in English, resorting to the services of an internet translation program, 'the dogs do not lose hair, no yapping and barking little.'"

Whether it was the dog's cute face or the unusual request, somehow the letter must have caught the couple's attention, because the breeder is said to have received a response directly from the Palace.

"In his living room... Strohbach proudly reads out the response from Buckingham Palace. William and Kate, the letter says, are grateful but incredibly busy at the moment with preparations for their marriage on 29 April, and might return to his offer at a later date."

Cue the speculation, but it doesn't sound like puppy love for Will and Kate just yet.