Royal wedding watch: Shacking up, princess camp and sweets

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With the big day nearing for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the internet is abuzz with royal wedding stories. As a confessed wedding obsessive, I'll be keeping up with what's being talked about. This week's round-up includes shacking up with another prince and a summer camp for future princesses.laptop gossip

Three isn't a crowd for Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton.

After the 29 April nuptials, the duo plan to move in with the groom's brother Prince Harry, says the Telegraph.

"After they return from honeymoon, the royal couple is initially expected to move into a suite of rooms in Clarence House, while they decide where to live more permanently. It means they will share their first married home with Prince Harry who lives there when he is in London. The two brothers are very close and Kate is also said to have a great relationship with her future brother-in-law."

Though the living situation may be less than ideal for newlyweds, it seems like every female has her heart set on becoming the next Kate Middleton.

And now some parents are giving their daughters the chance to learn how to become a princess at a summer camp held in London, says the Daily Mail.

"While the American import of summer camps is normally associated with outdoor games and campfires, the Princess Prep course is an altogether different affair. The camp will offer classes in table manners and how to perform the perfect curtsey as well as horse riding, introducing people and how to deal with awkward social moments. During the camp the girls will learn how to present themselves to the Queen and will visit different palaces each day."

And what sort of treats would one indulge these little princesses with?

The William-and-Catherine Pez dispenser, perhaps? Remember those tiny rectangular sweets? It goes without saying that this does not fall into the category of official merchandise, although the price tag would surpass that of many sets of fine bone china and love spoons.

The tops of the dispensers have been hand crafted, and this limited edition set of one is being sold on a well-known internet auction site, with the proceeds going to a children's charity. The sales schtick is clearly aimed at those who have made a habit of collecting these sweet dispensers:

"For collectors of the much-loved PEZ sweet-dispensers, as well as for fans of William and Kate, this is a unique opportunity to own a wholly original collector's item. To guarantee uniqueness and authenticity, the dispensers will be branded and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from PEZ. "

But with the price, after nine days, running at £6,600 this is one confectionery offer that is probably only affordable to real royal princesses.

One Staffordshire ceramic maker has released a commemorative mug celebrating her indifference towards the royal wedding, says trade magazine Tableware International.

"The mug which features the slogan 'I couldn't care less about the Royal Wedding' is the latest design from former Staffordshire student Camila Prada. The design came from Camila's increasing frustration at the media coverage surrounding the event, which is set to bring London to a standstill at the end of this month."

The designer tells Tableware International that the anti-royalist mug is not a jab at the couple:

"It's really not a personal thing against the actual people themselves like Kate Middleton or Prince William - it's more of a commentary on the hype the media create."

Does the designer have to say that, since she's making a pretty penny off of a wedding she doesn't care about?