News tweets: Zombies attack 'Amercia'

Snigdha Nandipati, White House photo, Obama draping a medal over Bob Dylan
Image caption Spelling be winner Snigdha Nandipati, Romney's misspelled ap, and President Obama awarding Bob Dylan the Medal of Freedom

For the week of 27 May, here is the news - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. Bob Dylan refuses to break character during Medal of Freedom ceremony. Because playing a weirdo has paid off thus far.

Writer SE Cupp (@ secupp ). Dylan, stone-faced and wearing sunglasses, was one of seven Congressional Medal of Freedom recipients, the highest honour awarded to American civilians.

2. It shouldn't be called a "friendly" when Brazil plays the US in soccer. It is impossible for bludgeonings to be friendly.

The Twitter account linked to the sports website SportsPickle (@ sportspickle .) Brazil beat the US team 4-1 in a Fifa match in Maryland.

3. Has anyone considered that Bloomberg just wants all the soda for himself?

Atlantic writer Jordan Weissmann (@ JHWeissmann ) considers all the angles after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a plan to ban some sales of sugary beverages.

4. Could the "Amercia" typo on Romney's phone app actually win him support from the huge bloc of spelling-challenged Americans?

Newsweek writer Howard Kurtz (@ howardkurtz ) after the Mitt Romney campaign released an iPhone app that promised "A better Amercia."

5. I use humour to deflect things that scare me. So, that's my Zombie Apocalypse plan sorted then. I bet you guys have guns or something.

Writer Pax Paxochka (@ Paxochka ) plans her defences in the wake of several reports about human cannibalism.

6. Take it easy on John Edwards. Who among you has NOT cheated on a terminally ill spouse while lying to the country?

Comedian Abbi Crutchfield (@ curlycomedy ) defends the former presidential candidate, who was not convicted on any of the 6 campaign finance violations with which he was charged.

7. In case you're wondering, Facebook is down because the National Spelling Bee is the Super Bowl for the people who should be fixing Facebook.

Comedy writer Mike White (@ TheMikeWhite ) explains why Twitter was abuzz during the Scripts Howard National bee - and why Facebook wasn't working.

8. Given that the Irish have just agreed to be colonised by EU, makes you wonder why they kicked up such a fuss about being colonished [sic] by us

British politician Toby Young (@ toadmeister ) after Ireland ratified the EU fiscal treaty with a 60% "yes" vote.

9. This jobs report is no big deal. Every economy has a few bad decades.

Statistician and New York Times blogger Nate Silver (@ fivethirtyeight ) tries to shrug off rising rates of unemployment.

10. Hey, Robin. Did you hear how the Green Lantern came out the other day? Pretty cool huh? Maybe, you know, something to think about. ROBIN.

Twitter user Meagan Wiebler (@ megslice ) offers some advice now that DC Comics has written the Green Lantern as a gay character.

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