News tweets: Greece and Germany, Mubarak, Rodney King

Ronaldo and Rodney King
Image caption Whining footballers, Rodney King, and more

For the week ending 22 June, here is the news - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is buying Hawaii's 6th-largest island. Other billionaires are buying the rest of America in the 2012 election.

Former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich ( @RBReich ) on the news Ellison is buying the Hawaiian island of Lanai for between $500m (£318m) and $600m.

2. It's interesting that Germany are playing Greece in light of their economic bailout of the country. Someone should mention this connection.

British sport broadcaster Andrew Cotter ( @MrAndrewCotter ) gets ironically meta on the most over-told sport/economy joke of the news week.

3. I stepped away from my desk and totally missed the four minutes during which Twitter cared about the Commerce Secretary resigning.

Political reporter and editor-in-chief Ben Smith ( @BuzzFeedBen ) notes Washington's apathy about John Bryson's resignation 12 days after two unexplained hit-and-run car crashes in California.

4. Locked out of Twitter for about half an hour. Not the service we pay for.

Veteran CBS radio correspondent Mark Knoller ( @MarkKnoller ) complains about Thursday's temporary disruption in the microblogging service.

5. Mubarak="clinically dead". Reminds me of the Simpsons: "Burns was rushed to a better hospital, where his condition was upgraded to 'alive'"

Science writer Ed Yong ( @edyong209 ) notes that reports of the deposed Egyptian leader's imminent death were premature.

6. Shorter Romney on immigration: I wouldn't not do what Obama's doing. But I wouldn't do what Obama's doing.

Reason Magazine Senior Editor Peter Suderman ( @PeterSuderman ) sums up the Republican presidential nominee's speech to a group of Hispanic elected officials - and describes his political bind.

7. I'll really miss Rodney King. He was a riot. ‪#RIPRodneyKing‬

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried ( @RealGilbert ) remembers the chaos and destruction that swept Los Angeles in 1992 after several police officers were acquitted in the severe beating of the tragic accidental civil rights figure.

8. Microsoft execs say that to truly appreciate their new Surface Tablet, it's best to view photos of it on the new iPad.

Comedian Frank Conniff pokes fun at Microsoft's new product , aimed in part at competing with market dominator Apple.

9. The US medical system needs to use soccer trainers, as no one would be injured for more than 45 seconds. Miracle healing for all! ‪#euro2012‬

Technology writer Thomas Duff ( @duffbert ) watches European footballers flop around on the pitch.

10. Guns don't kill people. Drug cartels armed by our Government do. ‪

Riffing on a gun rights slogan, conservative activist and writer Tim Dionisopoulos ( @TimPDion ) weighs in the botched "Fast and Furious" sting operation in which US agents allowed guns to slip into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.

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