News tweets: Olympics, Tosh and Breaking Bad

Olympic uniforms, a young boy, Jennifer Lopez
Image caption The Olympic uniforms, a young boy listens to Romney's speech to the NAACP, and Jennifer Lopez

For the week of 9 July, here is the news - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. Very cool that Kourtney Kardashian had a baby girl. Even cooler that, without a doubt, it's the reincarnated spirit of Ernest Borgnine.

Los-Angeles based entertainer Paul Rust (@ paulrust ) celebrates the cycle of life.

2. Andy Murray cried yesterday, because after all that effort he won a serving tray!!!

Broadcaster and comedian Darren Simpson (@ WhacheadsS ) after Murray fell short at Wimbledon.

3. Using Matt Millen to talk about the Freeh Report is like CNN rolling out Mayor McCheese to discuss syringes being found in Happy Meals.

Twitter user Rob Cassidy (@ Cassidy_Rob ) sees a conflict of interest in ESPN using former Penn State footballer Millen to discuss the report about sexual abuse at the university.

4. If you think Tosh is "cutting edge," allow me to introduce you to this futuristic musical genre, "rap-rock," as sung by buzzband Limp Bizkit

Jezebel writer Erin Gloria Ryan (@ morninggloria ) is not impressed with the description of comedian Daniel Tosh, who came under fire for making rape jokes about an audience member during one of his live shows.

5. Romney speaking to NAACP, House GOP holding 33rd HCR repeal vote. Happy Futility Day, everybody.

Slate columnist Dave Weigel (@ DaveWeigel ) gives his take on Wednesday's political activity. Romney was booed at the NAACP, while the vote to repeal the health care reform bill passed the Republican-led House.

6. If job seekers planned their job search as carefully as Katie Holmes planned her divorce, unemployment rate would drop like a rock.

Recruiter Dan Clark (@ energyheadhunt ). Holmes' divorce from Tom Cruise was finalised on Monday, less than two weeks after she filed.

7. This Bain stuff will blow over once the Olympics coverage of the Romney horse restores his "common man" bona fides.

Author Colson Whitehead (@ colsonwhitehead ). A horse owned by Mitt Romney's wife, will compete in the dressage in the upcoming Olympics.

8. Someone is probably tweeting "Burn those US Olympic uniforms!" using their iPhone, and missing the irony entirely.

Digital producer for the Melissa Harris Perry show Jamil Smith (@ Jamil Smith ) on the controversy over the US Olympic Uniforms being made in in China.

9. Looks like J. Lo & Steven Tyler have finally joined the rest of the country and quit "American Idol"

Howard Stern show media producer JD Harmeyer (@ JDharm ) says good riddance to two of the three judges on American Idol.

10. Can all wars and economic struggles be put on hold until Breaking Bad is over?

Citizen Radio co-host Jamie Kilstein (@ JamieKilstein ) wonders if the news can take a break while he watches the highly anticipated final season of Breaking Bad, which begins on Sunday in the US.

Some tweets have been edited for clarity