Pages from Ceefax: Into the archives

It was a programme without a presenter and watched mainly by night workers, early risers and insomniacs. But now - as the UK analogue television turn-off nears completion, with Northern Ireland going all-digital this week - Pages from Ceefax has been broadcast for the last time.

Ceefax first appeared on teletext-receiving televisions in 1974 - with on-air broadcasts of Ceefax pages starting in 1982. Both are now being consigned to history. Take a step back - cheesy music and all - into the multi-coloured teletext archives.

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Includes archive Ceefax screen shots and audio from former BBC newsreader Richard Baker and BBC preservation expert Edwin Parsons.

Music by Ben Cooper & His Band, William Gardner Orchestra, the Ralph Burger Orchestra, Detlef Rath & His Orchestra, and Gerhard Narholz Orchestra.

Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 22 October 2012.


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