10 questions on China's mysterious Congress

China Congress Quiz

The Congress of China's ruling Communist Party is about to appoint a new generation of leaders, to govern the country for the next 10 years. Test your knowledge of the Party and China's new elite in our quiz.

China's Communist Party Congress

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which is the lowest number? The number of Chinese women...

Women jumping outside Congress
  1. ... on the standing committee of the Politburo
  2. ... who have been in space
  3. ... who have ruled the empire

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which is the highest number?

  1. Population of Japan
    Japanese flag
  2. People with Tumblr accounts
    Girl looks at internet on her laptop
  3. Members of Chinese Communist Party
    Party members at the CCP Congress

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Vehicles carrying which materials will be banned from entering Beijing during the Party Congress?

Vehicles queue in Beijing, China
  1. Fireworks
  2. Toxic chemicals
  3. Spray paints

4.) Multiple Choice Question

As Forbes Magazine puts it, China's rich list is "riddled with Communist Party members". Which slogan has been attributed to Deng Xiaoping, who ruled China from 1978-1992?

A vendor counts money in Shanghai
  1. Always sunny in the rich man's world
  2. Money, get away
  3. To get rich is glorious

5.) Multiple Choice Question

The man expected to be named as head of the Communist Party is Xi Jinping, China's current vice-president. What is his favourite movie?

Cinema in Beijing
  1. Saving Private Ryan
  2. The Heir Apparent
  3. International Man of Mystery

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Where did Xi Jinping live when he was a young man?

  1. A junk
    Traditional junk
  2. A yurt
    A yurt
  3. A cave

Cave man

This is the cave dwelling where Mr Xi lived when he was sent to learn peasant virtues at Liangjiahe village in Shaanxi province. A wall, with doors, has been built across the front of the cave.

Liangjiahe village

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Where is Mr Xi's 20-year-old daughter studying?

  1. Tsinghua University
    Tsinghua University graduate
  2. Harvard University
    Harvard University
  3. Moscow Conservatoire

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of these are we likely to see among members of the new Politburo during the Congress?

Xi Jinping
  1. Dyed hair
  2. Facial hair
  3. Rolex watches

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Ahead of the Congress, rail travellers were prohibited from taking a list of items on passenger trains. Which of these is allowed?

Man in Nanjing boards a train through the window
  1. Fruit knives
  2. Alcoholic drinks
  3. Scissors

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Xi's wife, Peng Liyuan, is one of China's most popular singers. What other high-profile position does she hold?

Peng Liyuan
  1. Chat show host
  2. UN ambassador
  3. Army general


  1. It's the Politburo. There are no women on the outgoing standing committee and there are unlikely to be any on the incoming one. There has been one Chinese woman in space, Major Liu Yang, and only one empress, Wu Zetian - though there was also a dowager empress, Cixi, who unofficially controlled the Manchu Qing dynasty.
  2. It's the population of Japan. China's Communist Party has 83m members and Tumblr has 77m account holders (October 2012 figures). Japan's population is estimated at 128m.
  3. It's toxic chemicals. Beijing's municipal government has also ordered taxi drivers to lock their windows, in order to prevent passengers dropping leaflets. Racing pigeons and model aircraft may not be used during the Congress, and online retailers have said they are forbidden from shipping computer batteries.
  4. It's "to get rich is glorious". The others are lyrics from Abba (Money, Money, Money) and Pink Floyd (Money).
  5. It's Saving Private Ryan. According to US diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks, Mr Xi said he liked Hollywood movies about World War II, describing them as "grand and truthful".
  6. It's a cave. During the Cultural Revolution, Mr Xi was sent to the countryside to work as a labourer in Shaanxi province, where the poorest people lived in caves (and still do).
  7. It's Harvard. Xi Mingze enrolled in 2010 under a pseudonym. Her father studied at Tsinghua University, which has produced many of China's current top leaders, including President Hu Jintao.
  8. It's dyed hair. It is customary for top party members to dye any greying hair. Facial hair is frowned upon, and while Politburo members may own expensive watches, they are told not to flaunt them.
  9. It's alcohol. The authorities are trying to prevent violent crime, so all types of knives are temporarily banned, as are scissors, axes and hammers.
  10. It's army general. Peng Liyuan is a civilian member of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) and currently holds the civilian rank comparable to that of a major general.

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