An Argentinian playlist of freedom

Between 1976 and 1983, when Argentina was under military rule, an estimated 30,000 people who opposed the regime disappeared, according to human rights activists. They were arrested, taken to prison camps, tortured and never seen again.

As part of the BBC World Service's Freedom2014 season, Argentine journalist Natalio Cosoy reflects on what it was like growing up in the shadow of violence, and how life changed when democratic rule returned.

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'An Argentinian playlist of freedom' is on the BBC World Service on Tuesday 18 February 2014 between 2000-2030 GMT.

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Whether it's freedom from surveillance or freedom to be single, this Spring the BBC is investigating what freedom means in the modern world.

Images subject to copyright. Photography by Natalio Cosoy and Macarena Gagliardi.

Archive images courtesy Getty Images. Bersuit Vergarabat images courtesy Sebastian Klein.

Audio by Natalio Cosoy. Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 18 February 2014.


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