Freedom 2014: Does being a girl restrict your freedom?

There is no country in the world where men and women are equal, according to all the recent studies on gender equality.

This is despite the fact that many countries have laws and education systems that, to a great extent, are set up to give girls and boys and women and men the same opportunities.

So what is standing in the way of equality becoming a reality?

As part of the Freedom season, BBC News asked four teenage girls in the UK, Lesotho, Iceland and Jordan what they thought about being a girl in 2014.

Does being a girl restrict your freedom?

What is expected of you when you become a woman?

If you were in charge of your country what would you change?

What stands in the way of women being equal to men?

Video Journalist: Christian Parkinson

Producer: Gemma Newby

A documentary by Ros Atkins exploring the issues around girls and freedom, All That Stands In The Way, will be broadcast on BBC World and BBC World Service radio on 22 and 23 March 2014

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