Food Photographer of the Year 2014

Colourful close-ups and creative cooking - whet your appetite by taking a look at some of the winning entries in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition - with chair of the judges' panel, food writer Jay Rayner.

All images subject to copyright.

Photography by Louise Lister, Mick Shippen, Olaf Deharde, William Hondokusumo, Tuan Ngyun, Jonathan Gregson, Aniko Meneghinine, Nicole Branan, Roger Stowell, Emma Wood, David Thompson, Manuela Ruether, Caroline Martin, Sandro Maddalena, Jon Wyand, Pete Cassidy and Tessa Bunney.

Music by KPM Music. Production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 24 April 2014.

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Food Photographer of the Year 2014