A quiz on children's books you can do in the car

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How much do you know about Moomins, Gremlins and Gruffalos? Test your knowledge of children's literature with these 12 quick questions.

1. Which author's first story for children was The Gremlins?

A) Roald Dahl

B) Philip Pullman

C) JK Rowling

2. Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, Rupert Bear - which is the oldest?

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3. In James and the Giant Peach, what provided the power for the peach when it floated through the air?

A) Balloons

B) Dreams

C) Seagulls

4. Richmal Crompton wrote 39 Just William books, charting the misadventures of the lovable schoolboy scamp, William Brown. In all of them, William remained 11 years old - but if he had aged naturally after the publication of the first book (published in 1922), how old would he have been at the time of the last?

A) 27

B) 59

C) 132

5. In what book do the Waterbury family star?

A) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

B) The Railway Children

C) Naughty Amelia Jane

6. Where is Paddington Bear from?

A) Quebec

B) Peru

C) Madagascar

D) Scotland

7. In what series of books will you find Thingumy and Bob?

A) The Lord of the Rings

B) The Moomins

C) The Borrowers

8. What is the Gruffalo scared of?


A) A snake

B) A mouse

C) A bear

D) An ant

9. In which county is Malory Towers?

A) Sussex

B) Cornwall

C) Yorkshire

D) Shropshire

10. Judith Kerr, the author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, was responsible for which other long-running children's character?

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A) The Jolly Postman

B) Mog

C) Bagpuss

11. How many times do the Famous Five enjoy lashings of ginger beer?

A) 0

B) 20

C) 90

D) 300

12. In the Mr Men, what is the secret of Mr Strong's strength?

A) Banana milkshakes

B) Afternoon naps

C) Eggs

D) Headstands


1. Roald Dahl's first story for children was The Gremlins.

2. Rupert Bear is the oldest as he was created in 1920. Winnie-the-Pooh was first published in 1926 and Paddington Bear was created in 1956.

3. The peach was powered by seagulls.

4. William would be 59 - the last William story, William The Lawless, was published in 1970, after Richmal Crompton's death.

5. The Waterbury family are in The Railway Children.

6. Paddington Bear is from darkest Peru.

7. Thingumy and Bob are in The Moomins.

8. The Gruffalo is scared of a mouse.

9. Malory Towers is in Cornwall.

10. Judith Kerr also created Mog.

11. None - they don't actually have any ginger beer in the books. The famous phrase came from the film parody Five Go Mad in Dorset.

12. Eggs are the secret of Mr Strong's strength.

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