Food Photographer of the Year 2015

A waddling gaggle of geese, six smiling gurnards on fishmongers' scales and red raindrops from pressed grapes - the finalists of this year's Food Photographer of the Year competition have been revealed.

Here food critic, broadcaster and chair of the judges Jay Rayner reveals which photo took the top prize.

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Scroll to see all the category finalists - and read Jay Rayner's comments on each one.

Image copyright Sarah Coghill
Image caption Rayner says these six gurnards "look like they are about to start singing. It makes you want to take them home and make a nice bouillabaisse". (Cream of the Crop: Sarah Coghill – Gurnards)
Image copyright Jonathan Gregson
Image caption "If food portraiture is going to work, you want to reach into the frame and eat it right away" says Rayner of these dripping pears. Most people will have seen versions of this in magazines "but this is about as perfect as it comes". (Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture: Jonathan Gregson – Caramel Pears)
Image copyright Cath Lowe
Image caption "Basically this catergory asks 'can you put an apple in a picture in a way that's diverting?' And this does the job very well indeed" says Rayner. "It's cute, it's sweet, it's funny." (Pink Lady Apple a Day: Cath Lowe – Cricketer’s Apple)
Image copyright Chris Terry
Image caption This photo of a family mealtime in Chad, with a mother surrounded by children, "reminds me of a Raphael Cartoon" says Rayner. "They look very happy indeed, a moment has been captured." (Food for the Family: Chris Terry – Family Meal, Chad)
Image copyright Jake Eastham
Image caption This photo, suggests Rayner, shows "quintessential England". "Big fat geese showing off their bottoms and wandering off." (Ten Acre Food in the Field: Jake Eastham - Gaggle)
Image copyright David Griffen
Image caption With his left hand, wings are being put in the smoker. In his right hand, he is smoking a cigarette. "Not politically correct" says Rayner, "but he knows what he's doing. He does this every day". (The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action: David Griffen – Smoked Wings)
Image copyright Drina Cabral
Image caption A squid clutches a small fish. Rayner says he likes the colours of the squid and its ink - "and the startled eye of the sardine". (Politics of Food: Drina Cabral – The Hunter and the Hunted)
Image copyright Ian Thomas
Image caption This photo, of a fisherman with blood dripping down his arm, was popular with the judges says Rayner. "He looks delighted with himself." (Bring Home the Harvest: Ian Thomas – Cheek to Cheek)
Image copyright Lisa Barber
Image caption This garlic bulb was snapped with a mobile phone. Jay Rayner suggests it has qualities akin to a painting. "A smart composition," he says. (Food Sn-apping: Lisa Barber – Garlic)
Image copyright Maja Smend
Image caption This photo shows toy people sitting on a bench looking at Mondrian Battenberg. The coloured sponge and chocolate frame, says Rayner, "made the judges laugh". (Production Paradise Food off the Press: Maja Smend – Mondrian Battenberg)
Image copyright Mark Benham
Image caption "This chap is cooking an awful lot of things over charcoal" says Rayner. "There's a lot of smoke. You can practically smell it." (Food for Celebration: Mark Benham – Food Stall, Medieval Festival)
Image copyright Michael Nowill
Image caption These loaves of sourdough bread look very similar to meringues - with the baker in the background, his job done. It's old fashioned artisanal cooking, says Rayner. "The loaves look as though they have been knitted." (Food Bloggers: Michael Nowill – Handmade)
Image copyright Sally Stone
Image caption These fish drying on a rattan disc "almost look like a necklace" says Rayner. The composition, light and symmetry caught the judges' eyes, he says. (Partridges Food for Sale: Sally Stone – Sun, Shadows and Fish)
Image copyright Victor Pugatschew
Image caption These drops of liquid are from red grapes being pressed above. Rayner says the judges liked this because it broke away from the usual cliches of wine photography - "bottles and geometric shapes". (Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year: Victor Pugatschew – Pinot Noir Being Pressed)

All images subject to copyright - reproduced courtesy of Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015.

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