Europeans in Cambridge on Brexit vote

Young Europeans living in Cambridge offer their thoughts on how the UK's Brexit vote will affect them and their future.

Itxaso is a PhD student at Cambridge University

"For the first time in my life, I didn't feel welcome in the UK, which is a really sad thing to say.

"I feel European and I think we are all in this together. And to know that the UK doesn't want to be part of this any more is just heartbreaking.

"Regardless of the results, I still believe that the UK is part of Europe.

"I'm Basque myself and we have a strong identity within Spain and within France and I understand England has a strong identity and feels different. I completely understand and respect that.

"But I think for the future it's better that we stick together. Obviously we should keep our national identities and cultures but we should stay together."

Aser, a 34-year-old teacher

"Suddenly, you realise you are actually a European citizen living in the UK. That's when you start thinking how it might affect you right here.

"I moved here five years ago. The economic situation was very bad in Spain. I wanted to be an English teacher because the chances of getting a job were much bigger."

"Now, I'm a bit worried about what the implications could be.

"If I can't live in England, or if I need a visa, obviously these are going to be big things for me."

Adrien, 19-year-old trainee pilot from France

"I'm affected by it but for me you will stay our neighbour.

"I'm not really demoralised because I know we have good relations between France, Spain, Italy and England and the UK in general. so I think it won't be really difficult but maybe harder than it is today.

"I want to train here in the UK as a pilot and England has the two best schools in Europe.

"In terms of quality of teaching - it's England or nothing. So I really want to train here and have the best job opportunities later on."

Sylwia, 20, shop assistant from Poland

"Cambridge is a beautiful city. Everyone knows each other and people are very friendly and we have an excellent atmosphere. If we go home, we will have to start from scratch again.

"I feel very worried because I don't know what happens now. All my family - my mother, my father, my siblings, are here and they don't know too.

"If we must leave UK, I'm sure we will go back to Poland."

Ksenia, self-employed translator and interpreter from Estonia

"What worries me the most is that nobody knows what is there to come. Everybody who wanted to go out will be so happy that it has happened but nobody knows what there is to come.

"From my perspective, as long as it doesn't mean I would be forced to leave I think it's for the best. People who can earn and work in the UK can stay.

"I have read on the news that for the next couple of years nothing would be drastically changing. There would be the government working on things. But it worries me that the pound has dropped."

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