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On 12 December 2015, a man's body was found on Saddleworth Moor in northern England. He had died from poisoning. But who was he and why had he died? Maureen Toogood was one of the few people with any insight into the puzzle behind the man's death. "He was very particular, very precise and a gentleman. He was a lovely, lovely man," she says. She had had a relationship with the man in the 1960s, and a subsequent friendship lasting 40 years. But what could she tell investigators about him?

The woman who dated the Man on the Moor

"It was like a Greek tragedy unfolding, and it ended like a Greek tragedy - in a symbolic parricide," says journalist Olivier Beaumont. He is describing Marine Le Pen's struggle to wrest control of France's National Front from her father, Jean-Marie. Over the years, she had become increasingly convinced that her father was incapable of winning power. Finally, after Marine became leader, her father was expelled from the party. But what does Marine Le Pen really stand for, and what would a Le Pen presidency mean?

Marine Le Pen - The woman who would be president

"It was not until I was 18 - when a friend at university who was also transgender took me to Jakarta - that I realised there was this whole other world that existed." Mama Yuli is the leader and protector of Indonesia's transgender women - or Waria, as they are known. Though revered on some of Indonesia's thousands of islands, Waria are increasingly persecuted elsewhere, as a stricter type of Islam takes root. And this has been making Mama Yuli's job a lot harder.

Mama Yuli: The trans women's leader no-one messes with

Not forgetting...

VIDEO: Moment BBC crew caught in Etna explosion

VIDEO: Shamrocks, snakes and stereotypes!

And the quiz question of the week is:

An entire town has gone on sale in the US for $3.8m (£3.1m). But in which state is the town - called Tiller - to be found?

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