Weekend Edition: The week's best reads

What happens when you have a name that seems perfectly reasonable in your home country, but raises a sympathetic smile when you're abroad? "In the French-speaking world, my Christian name more or less predestines you to being considered an idiot." And not necessarily a particularly lovable idiot either, as Europe correspondent Kevin Connolly has been finding out.

Why it's hard to be a Kevin in France

"I won't say for whom I'll be voting this time, because I don't think people like to hear the name. But let's just say the direction will be right. I'll definitely be going right." To find out what French voters make of their forthcoming presidential election, Emma Jane Kirby is following the route of the Tour de France, testing the mood in towns along the way. This week she talks to the residents of Longwy in north-eastern France.

France election: North-east voters are in cynical mood

At the Russian checkpoint, the BBC's Steve Rosenberg was quizzed by the authorities: "What will you be filming? How will you be saving your material, on computers or hard drives? What SIM card will you be using in Crimea." Three years after Russia annexed Crimea, a move bitterly contested by Ukraine's government, the region remains in a state of flux. It's difficult to get into, and for many people, it's difficult to know where it's going.

Crimea: The place that's rather difficult to get into

Not forgetting...

VIDEO: The homeless shelter on four wheels

VIDEO: Could this be Britain's cheapest supermarket?

And the quiz question of the week is:

What was stolen from the Pope this week?

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