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"I was arrested more times than I can remember [for drug offences]," says Khalil Rafati. "I was completely messed up... I was always in so much pain that I couldn't sleep." Back in 2003, Khalil was addicted to crack cocaine, weighed just 109lb (49kg), and his skin was covered in ulcers. Today he runs a successful fruit juice business, which had $1m worth of sales in its first year and now employs 200 people.

The man who quit heroin and became a fruit juice millionaire

Bhagwan Singh Maini and Pritam Kaur, were planning to be engaged when violence broke out in Punjab in 1947. They were both forced to flee and became separated as the troubled subcontinent lurched towards a bloody partition. Torn apart by the greatest mass migration in history - they were reunited by a chance meeting at a refugee camp.

How a jacket and a briefcase shaped a partition love story

"I felt the cold wind of judgement when I became a single parent. It's hard to know whether the judgement I felt comes from society or whether it comes from myself. I think it is a bit of both." Single mothers have often been stigmatised and denounced. Cherry Healey explains why she's proud to be one.

Cherry Healey: 'How being a single mum shattered my prejudices'

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VIDEO: Schoolgirls designed and built robot

VIDEO: Man crushes 111 concrete blocks with head

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