10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Trump asks world leaders to call him on his mobile phone

Find out more (LA Times)

2. Scientist have "accidentally" discovered the root cause of baldness

Find out more (Huffington Post)

3. There's a white squirrel in Bath

Find out more (Bath Chronicle)

4. Ed Balls is scared of rats

Find out more (Huffington Post)

5. Experts believe Artificial Intelligence will be able to beat us at everything by 2060

Find out more (New Scientist)

6. Australian men are shaving off half their beards to raise money to plant trees

Find out more (The Sydney Morning Herald)

7. We need to watch out for German "super" wasps

Find out more (The Sun)

8. There's a faceless fish deep in the ocean

Find out more (The Telegraph)

9. You could be hosed down in Florence for picnicking in the wrong place

Find out more (The Guardian)

10. China has built the largest floating solar farm on Earth

Find out more (Indy100)

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