10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Rihanna's secret boyfriend has been revealed

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2. Middle-aged office workers apparently spend more time sitting down than pensioners

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3. Cambridge has been ranked as the most-vibrant place to shop in the UK

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4. Sweden has the lowest proportion of ATMs in western Europe

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5. China is building a 40,000 tree "forest city" to fight air pollution

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6. Dutch students have powered a bus with ant venom

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7. People throw away eight million disposable nappies every day in the UK

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8. Artists can now only have a maximum of three songs in the Top 100 Singles chart

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9. Californian solar firms are making so much energy that they are paying energy companies in other US states to take it

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10. Robot brickies could mean building sites become "human free" zones by 2050

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