10 things we didn't know last week

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1. The "ladies and gentlemen" greeting on the London Underground is to be scrapped as part of an effort to become more gender-neutral

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2. Girls in Saudi Arabia are to be given PE lessons in school for the first time

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3. Theresa May shed a tear when the General Election exit poll was revealed

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4. 2016 saw a record number of deaths of environmentalist activists around the world

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5. Coffee drinkers live longer - perhaps

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6. The first ever Earth-orbit teleportation has been completed

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7. The London black cab is turning green, with an all-new electric taxi set to launch

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8. A mysterious ring-shaped UFO has been spotted in the sky above the M62 in West Yorkshire

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9. The design of the sari worn by Mother Teresa - white with three blue stripes - has been trademarked

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10. The smallest stars in the Universe are the size of Saturn

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