10 things we didn't know last week

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Carbonated drink in a glassImage source, Getty Images

1. Apparently, flight attendants don't like passengers asking for diet coke because it takes too long to pour.

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2. A security robot "drowned" in a fountain in Washington DC.

3. A man who earned a reputation as Britain's rudest bookseller, and charged customers a 50p browsing fee, is quitting his shop.

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4. Daniel Radcliffe came to the aid of a mugging victim.

5. There's a real-life Rapunzel - and she's only 9 months old.

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6. The frozen bodies of a Swiss couple who went missing 75 years ago in the Alps have been found on a shrinking glacier.

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7. Russia's consumer rights watchdog is to investigate fidget spinners amid claims on state TV that the gadgets could be used by political opponents to lure children.

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8. A nurse has quit the NHS over parking fines, saying she got an £80 ticket after working late to treat a patient who went into cardiac arrest.

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9. Surgeons have removed 27 contact lenses from the eye of a woman who had been admitted to hospital for routine cataract surgery.

10. The UK's "most dangerous" bus stop has been revealed - and it's infested with 50p-sized false widow spiders.

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