10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Eminem says he's planning on moving to Scotland.

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2. Two golden phonograph records were almost thrown off space probes Voyager 1 and 2 due to a rogue inscription.

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3. Big Ben at Legoland is also silencing its chimes.

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4. Taylor Swift's latest single contains "an interpolation of a melody" from Right Said Fred's 1991 hit "I'm Too Sexy".

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5. Monkeys can see faces in inanimate objects.

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6. The Babylonians developed their own form of trigonometry 3,700 years ago and it is "superior" to modern day methods.

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7. Driverless lorries are coming to UK roads.

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8. Climate change could make fish shrink in size by 30%.

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9. French president Emmanuel Macron has racked up a €26,000 (nearly £24,000) make-up bill since May.

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10. £203,583 in loose change was found on public transport in London over the past year, according to Transport For London.

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