Nepal's earthquake stories in sketches

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Dog in the rubble

Since Saturday, terrible stories of suffering have emerged from earthquake-hit Nepal.

Whole families have been crushed in their collapsed homes and pet dogs wander the rubble looking for their owners.

Rescuers struggle with the massive task of helping the trapped and injured, making heart-breaking decisions.

Newsbeat's resident artist Ginevra Boni produced a series of sketches based on stories from the disaster.

Thomas Greensmith was in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, studying the religion Buddhism.

He and his girlfriend were leaving their hotel when the massive quake struck. The building collapsed behind them.

"We just grabbed each other and we held each other and we said Buddhist mantras.

"You could hear the screams of the children's school, of the kids screaming, because everything was rattling and windows were breaking and mirrors were coming down. And it felt like being on a ship, it just rolled."

In the hours and days after the disaster, the Nepalese authorities struggled to helped the trapped, injured and homeless - especially in the villages cut off by landslides and avalanches.

Thomas's friend, a German woman with basic medical training, tried to help as best she could. She was asked to decide which injured people would be put in a rescue helicopter.

"If she chose the wrong person, that person would sit there and possibly die," says Thomas.

British aid worker Tom Allen flew to Kathmandu after the earthquake.

"At night time the most common sound is the dogs howling and barking because they are hungry. Their owners aren't around to feed them anymore or they don't have a house to live."

Tom told Newsbeat he'd met a woman whose family home had been destroyed. She had escaped unhurt, but her neighbours were not so lucky. The roof and floors in their house had fallen in, killing all the women inside.

"The men were all out farming at the time the quake happened... so they came back to find their street utterly devastated."

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