Iran bans 'evil spiky hair' because of links to the devil

3 men with spiky hairImage source, AFP
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Three men with spiky hair in Tehran

People in Iran have been banned from having spiky hair and tattoos.

It's reported that they're being made illegal because they imply devil worship.

Jagged haircuts have become fashionable with young Iranians but have been described as western and un-Islamic by the authorities.

The head of Iran's Barbers Union, Mostafa Govahi, said that "devil-worshipping hairstyles are now forbidden."

Image source, AFP
Image caption,
An Iranian man getting a spiky hairdo in an uptown Tehran barber shop

Mostafa Govahi warned that "any shop that cuts hair in the devil-worshipping style will be harshly dealt with and their licence revoked."

If a business cuts hair in that style it will "violate the Islamic system's regulations."

Sun-beds and plucking eyebrows - another trend among young Iranian males - will also not be tolerated.

Iran's Barbers Union blamed unauthorised barbers for offering the spiky hairstyles and other treatments.

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