Who is Georgina Campbell, the underdog Bafta winner?

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Georgina Campbell with BAFTA awardImage source, AP

"I really didn't expect it for a second and I don't think anyone else did either," says Georgina Campbell.

The 22-year-old won Best Actress at the Baftas for her portrayal of a real-life domestic abuse victim in BBC Three's Murdered by My Boyfriend.

The newcomer admitted she hadn't written a speech, because she didn't expect to win.

She was up against Keeley Hawes, Sheridan Smith and Sarah Lancashire, whom she called "insanely brilliant".

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Georgina beat the likes of Sheridan Smith to the Best Actress BAFTA

Murdered By My Boyfriend has been a huge success since it first aired last June.

Based on a true story, it portrays the death of 21-year-old Ashley at the hands of her partner after four years of mental and physical abuse.

The drama picked up steam from word of mouth after being broadcast. It was the third most watched show on BBC iPlayer last year, beaten only by Sherlock and Top Gear.

It was also the most requested show of 2014 on mobile from BBC iPlayer and won best single drama at the Royal Television Society Awards.

Georgina thinks its success shows that plans to move BBC Three online only could work.

"There's no reason there can't be more shows like this coming through BBC Three," she says. "Hopefully they will get the same recognition and the same viewers."

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BBC Three's Murdered by My Boyfriend was first broadcast last June

She also hopes Murdered by My Boyfriend helps other victims spot the signs of abuse.

"The hardest thing, which hopefully comes out, is that people in domestic abusive relationships don't even realise it," she says.

"If people saw it in their relationship they'd think this isn't right, this isn't how it should be."

She says there's been a good reaction from domestic abuse victims who have since come forward to say the drama was "true to their experiences".

"A police officer said a girl had come in and had obviously been hit and had watched the show and wanted to leave her partner," she adds.

Georgina says she knew playing the role of Ashley was going to be difficult.

"At the first audition there was no script yet, so it was just the true story of Ashley and it just seemed so important," she says.

"When I read it, I didn't know domestic violence affects mainly 16 to 25-year-olds so reading a script that went through such a young couple's experience, I found that I could relate to it very well and I think that's why other people related to it as well."

In her acceptance speech, Georgina thanked Ashley's "very real family and friends" for their bravery and said she hoped the award was "a credit to them and to Ashley".

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