Why One Direction fans want No Control as a single


After a massive campaign by fans Radio 1 played One Direction's No Control on the Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw earlier.

Since the band's latest album, Four, was released in November, only two singles have been released.

So fans have been taking matters into their own hands by campaigning to get the track put out as a single.

The idea came from Tumblr user Anna who suggested fans release it as a "DIY project".

She posted: "We all agree that No Control should have been a single from Four, we all love the song and we all wanted to hear it on the radio.

"It doesn't matter there were other songs worth to be a single in the album, this is something the fandom loves and that has always generated a big enthusiasm."

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Anna started the campaign on Tumblr

Anna suggested the song was unlikely to be released so fans should set a release date and promote the single on social media, submitting their own front covers.

She called on all fans to download the track on the "release date" to make it go to number one.

The idea's gone global, trending worldwide on social media.

Fans also say getting the track to number one would show support for Louis Tomlinson after producer Naughty Boy accused him of using auto-tune in their recent row on Twitter.

He's the lead singer on No Control.

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Anna has since blogged that she's "so proud of hearing the song on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show".

She said: "I heard Louis' voice loud and clear and so many people heard it too. Maybe people that are 'new' found it nice and catchy".

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw, another fan, Jess from Somerset said: "We all love Louis. We all feel that Four was kind of overlooked a little bit, we really want everybody to know this is what 1D is all about. It's amazing".

But while the campaign's had success in getting the song played on the radio, it looks like the dream of a DIY single is over.

After her original post, Anna admitted on there are legal issues with releasing the track unofficially.

Image source, Tumblr

The idea is still just running and running though.

This Sunday is now unofficially "No Control Day", with followers being encouraged to buy and promote the song.

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