President Obama picks Kendrick Lamar as his tune of year

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It's the time of year when celebrities and music magazines pull together their lists of the year.

President Obama was asked by People magazine what his top tune was and he went for something a bit different.

Normally when politicians pick their favourites they go safe, but the US President went for Kendrick Lamar's How Much A Dollar Cost.

Michelle Obama said she preferred Uptown Funk.

So why do we think our politicians are trying too hard when they claim to like something cool, yet when Barack Obama does it we think he is actually a fan?

Well it seems one reason could be the Obama family are actually into their hip hop.

This summer, the president's daughter Malia was apparently pictured at music festival Lollapalooza watching Chance the Rapper.

Her hip hop pedigree got another boost when a picture, claiming to be her in a Pro Era t-shirt, was posted on their Instagram page this year.

Joey Bada$$ and his crew posted the photo and it went viral, although the White House has not confirmed if it was definitely her.

It's worth noting that the President's children aren't allowed on social media for security reasons.

President Obama is not the only politician to like rap, this summer we learned that Labour MP Liz Kendall was a Dr Dre and Public Enemy fan.

However she also admitted to liking Duran Duran and Wham. (But that's not a bad thing.)

The rocky past of hip hop and politics

In the past hip hop was a genre that politicians looked down on and tried to censor.

Republican President George Bush Senior was locked in a battle with the likes of Ice T and Public Enemy in the eighties.

But now his son is pleased to be pictured with the likes of Ludacris.

Sticking with the theme of politicians who you wouldn't expect to have links to hip hop but do. Step forward Donald Trump.

Following his recent controversial comments about Muslims the Republican presidential candidate was given some advice from an unlikely source.

Image source, Getty Images

Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons wrote him an open letter in Global Grind.

"Over 30 plus years you have been an amazing friend," it said, before asking him to "stop fuelling fires of hate.

"Don't feed into the rhetoric created by small-minded people. You're smarter and certainly more loving then you let on."

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