Ripper Street is ending because it's at 'the end of the story'

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Some of the cast members of Ripper Street

It's been confirmed Ripper Street will end at the end of the next series.

But producers of the show want to make it clear it's because they've come to the end of the story and put an end to rumours it's been axed.

Fans can still look forward to one more series of the Amazon Prime drama, though.

And some of the cast members have been posting about the news.

Matthew Lewis plays desk sergeant Samuel Drummond in the show.

And viewers will see the return of Joseph Mawie as detective Jedediah Shine, last seen in the season two finale.

The show loosely based on the murders of Jack the Ripper in the late 1800s began, on BBC One in 2012 but was dropped after poor ratings.

After online support from fans Amazon Prime bought the series and commissioned the Victorian drama for three more seasons.

Episodes were then later shown on BBC One with the BBC continuing to help fund the production.

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