Bob Hoskins dies again as Twitter gets confused

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Bob HoskinsImage source, ITV

Tributes have suddenly begun pouring in for the actor Bob Hoskins, which is a little surprising as he passed away two years ago.

Since Saturday night his name has been trending as hundreds use Twitter to pay their respects.

Memories are being shared and the news of his death is one of the most-read articles on the BBC News website.

The Long Good Friday and Who Framed Roger Rabbit star died of pneumonia aged 71 on 30 April 2014.

The confusion may have started after a lot of people started sharing an old BBC news story about his death - probably after fans reposted it to mark the anniversary.

That led to a lot of confusion online.

Others took the news a little better.

This kind of thing is beginning to happen more regularly.

An article marking the death of entertainer Keith Harris is also in the BBC's Top 10 most read stories, even though he died last year.

Last week news of the passing of former wildlife presenter Terry Nutkins was re-shared. He actually died four years ago.

And children's TV presenter and artist Tony Hart has "died" on social media at least three times.

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