Czech man climbs world's hardest cliff in Norway

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Adam OndraImage source, Pavel Blazek

One of the leading men in sport rock climbing, Adam Ondra, has successfully climbed the "world's hardest cliff".

He is the first person to complete a 9c, single rope-length climb, which is classified as the hardest rock climb you can complete.

The 24-year-old did the climb in Norway in 20 minutes but has been trying for the last two years.

Adam told Newsbeat completing it left him speechless, "all I could feel was tears in my eyes".

The granite cave in Flatanger, Norway is considered by many climbers as the world's greatest climbing cliff and is a hotspot for climbers like Adam, but most only have dreams of completing it.

Image source, Pavel Blazek

"I first got into climbing because my parents were climbers and they would take me along with them when I was a little kid and I wanted to climb just like them," Adam tells Newsbeat.

"I'm 24 and I've been climbing for at least 20 years. I've climbed mostly in Spain and Norway, where most of my important sport climbing routes have taken place.

"This 9c climb in Norway is the proudest moment in my career for sure.

"Every single route has a certain grade and in sport climbing, the easiest route is 1 and the current maximum is 9c," he says.

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Adam Ondra: How I conquered the 'world's hardest cliff'

"I've done all three 9b+ routes in the world and put so much effort into the Norway route.

"It took so much dedication but it was an amazing experience."

Adam, who is from the Czech Republic, first visited the cave at the beginning of 2016 and bolted it, meaning he drilled and protected the route to stop himself from getting injured.

He spent nearly 50 days in Norway, coming back over and over again to keep attempting the route.

Image source, Pavel Blazek

"After a couple of times I began to grasp what I needed to do," he says.

"I am the first person to attempt this route and I'm giving it the first grade of 9c and no one has proposed this before.

"On most of my hardest routes when I get to the job I scream with joy and excitement.

"This time I just got to the top but I just hung there in the rope and all I could feel was tears in my eyes, I couldn't even scream.

"I still have lots of projects to complete over the world."

One of those projects is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, when sport climbing will be included for the first time.

Adam says it isn't his current priority, but he will start training for the event a year before the games.

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