Februdairy: The dairy industry fights back against Veganuary

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The dairy industry has launched a campaign to try to promote cow products in the UK.

Februdairy was launched by an ex-vegan animal scientist in response to the Veganuary campaign.

This is the first year it has run, and at the moment consists mostly of a hashtag campaign on social media and a Twitter account with 1,700 followers.

The campaign is also attempting a viral challenge where people drink a pint of milk and then nominate their friends.

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Abi and her partner work in the farming industry

"There's been a lot of bad press around the dairy and meat industry," says Abi, a supporter of the Februdairy campaign who works for an agricultural supplier in Sussex.

"People tend to read things online and generalise farmers into the idea that they all run farms in an intensive factory way."

For her, the movement is needed to "make people see that there is so much propaganda."

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The 26-year-old argues that social media has led to the spread of misinformation about sustainable, local farming practises.

"There's a big myth that every single male-born calf is shot at birth. Some are - a lot aren't," she says.

Abi's partner runs a farm in Sussex which takes on male calves that can't be used for milk.

"They are reared for beef. They stay on until they are about two."

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Make Me a Vegan: The meat eaters

Abi says she has had some abuse online when she tweets about the campaign, but wants to get a clear message out on behalf of the industry.

"Obviously, vegans are on the rise, which nobody has any problems with," she says.

"It's the fact that they come out in force to slate farmers, using this false propaganda.

"It's essential that farmers have that voice now more than ever."

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter

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