What a Mad Max Britain would look like

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For those worried what post-Brexit Britain might look like, we've been reassured there will be plenty of food, water and no fighting.

Britain will not be "plunged into a Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction", the Brexit Secretary said.

The Mad Max franchise is set in a future Australia where society has collapsed because of war and a shortage of resources.

People have been busy imagining what a Mad Max Britain would look like.

The most recent Mad Max was Fury Road, which starred Tom Hardy.

"It's basically the apocalypse," Radio 1 and 1Xtra film critic Ali Plumb tells Newsbeat.

Davis said some people "fear that Brexit could lead to an Anglo-Saxon race to the bottom".

Which in a Mad Max world would presumably look something like this.

No more football

"In the Mad Max world they live in a desert wasteland", Ali says.

"Everything that was green or has leaves - plants of any kind just don't really exist."

So in Mad Max Britain you can forget kicking a ball about in your local park at the weekend - it would just be a dust bowl.

"Water is the most precious resource - aside from petrol and bullets."

And it's not just food and water that's in short supply.

You'd be sleeping in tents, or whatever shelter you can find, because in Mad Max's world there are no homes either.

"When you're living in a desert, everyone's nomadic", Ali says.

Say goodbye to London Fashion Week - or even binge-watching the latest Netflix series - in a Mad Max Britain as well.

"Society as you know it doesn't exist - art, fashion, culture is gone.

"It's all about living from one meal to the next.

"Cults dominate and it's about finding purpose."

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If David Davis says Britain will not be like Mad Max, we can expect a pretty peaceful country - because in Mad Max "it's a constant fight".

"Everyone's killing each other to get their hands on anything.

"Tribes fight each other for resources until they die."

Sounds intense.

But the one good thing about living in Mad Max world?

There's no work.

Something this person was clearly looking forward to about a post-Brexit Britain.

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