K-Pop: G-Dragon is getting too many letters while on military service

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Fans of K-Pop boyband member G-Dragon have been asked to stop sending fan mail to the army base where he's doing military service.

The camp where he is working has run out of paper because it's had to print all the emails sent to the superstar, says his management company.

"G-Dragon is facing difficulties with fans sending too many letters to the unit," said YG Entertainment.

"Please refrain from sending letters and we will appreciate it."

In South Korea, all male citizens aged 18 to 35 have to carry out two years of military service.

G-Dragon, 29, who is a a member of Big Bang, enlisted in the army on 27 February and fans have been sending him letters of support ever since.

But it's causing problems at the camp because other soldiers can't get their letters.

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Image caption Big Bang performed in New York last summer

"Emails have to be printed out on paper to be distributed to the soldiers, but ink and A4 paper in the battalion have run out and G-Dragon feels sorry for his fellow soldiers there," said YG Entertainment, according to a translation in The Korea Times.

"G-Dragon is thankful for his fans' concern over his military duty. At the same time, he feels sorry he can't read all the letters sent to him. But again, please consider the tricky situation."

Some fans have been quick to respond saying G-Dragon's privacy needs to be respected.

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