Taylor Swift's new music video drops late on Spotify

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Taylor Swift sent fans into a frenzy when her new music video for Delicate dropped 30 minutes late on Spotify.

Its advertised release was midnight EST but fans were kept waiting until 00:30 EST and even then, some couldn't get it to load.

The delay left many Swifties on the edge.

One fan tweeted: "I'm going insane. Taylor where you at, me and you need to talk #DelicateOnSpotify."

Taylor Swift has been busy rehearsing for her upcoming Reputation tour which starts in May, but she managed to take time out to post a quick video on Twitter teasing a new version of her music video for Delicate.

Following the post fans had been expecting it to drop exclusively on Spotify at midnight.

It seems there may have been a few technical hitches though because the deadline came and went.

The original music video for Delicate was unveiled at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards in California at the beginning of March.

The new video (which was filmed in one take) features a more intimate performance of the song, with Taylor singing and smiling into the camera as she wanders through the woods. At one point she points to a "J" necklace she's wearing, which could be seen as a reference to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

In the past Taylor Swift has criticised streaming companies for being "unfair" to musicians and she even pulled her back catalogue off Spotify in 2014. But, it seems there are no hard feelings between the two now and Spotify's CEO Daniel Elk retweeted her announcement.

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