Woman asks firefighters to help 'stoned' raccoon

This is not the actual raccoon that was exposed to cannabis Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption This is not the actual raccoon that was exposed to drugs

People call the emergency services for all kinds of unusual reasons, but this one is definitely unique.

A woman turned up at a fire station in Indianapolis in the middle of the night saying her pet needed help - but it wasn't the obvious reason of a cat being stuck in a tree.

She said her pet raccoon had been exposed to a large amount of cannabis.

Wayne Township Fire Captain Mike Pruitt said his team were "scratching their heads" after the incident.

(The cartoon image of the raccoon was created by East Side Games Studio)

Mike Pruitt told WTHR News: "As many times as the doorbell on the firehouse was pushed, the firefighters were quite certain that something bad was going on outside."

But they weren't expecting a pet raccoon apparently high on drugs.

Mike said: "It really left the guys scratching their heads that someone brought a raccoon to the firehouse at 2am seeking help."

The firefighters could tell the raccoon was lethargic and "met all of those symptoms that we typically run into when someone's been exposed to marijuana."

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption This is also not the raccoon in question

Mike said they felt bad, because as much as they love animals, there wasn't much they could do except let time take its course.

"We do appreciate that our citizens turn to us in their toughest moments for help," the firefighters wrote on Facebook.

"We hope in time the raccoon made a full recovery. Sorry we couldn't do more."

The raccoon's owners reportedly took the animal home to sleep it off.

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