World Cup 2018: Punchy or pony? Newsbeat's pundit ratings

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The Saudis gave us the most embarrassing World Cup opening day performance since Diana Ross.

Ronaldo all but bagged the tournament's Golden Boot in his first game.

And the feverish hysteria surrounding VAR relented, after people realised it's actually quite good.

But what about the performances of those either too old, or not good enough to make one of the 32 World Cup squads. This is Newsbeat's take on the performance of the pundits so far.

The good tourist

Despite Gareth Southgate's protestations that "only boring people get bored", every side still needs some light relief.

That can come in form of Love Island or Fortnite, but every side needs a joker too.

Someone to keep spirits up with side-splitting anecdotes.

Step forward Ryan Giggs. The after-dinner speech circuit's loss is ITV's gain.

The half-hearted

There aren't many teams good enough to carry a fellow teammate in a World Cup.

Everyone needs to be on their game.

Fans will forgive the odd misplaced pass and wayward shot though, if there's evidence of desire and effort in the form of rabid dashes around the pitch.

You could never fault former West Ham defender Slaven Bilic of not pulling his weight as a player, but as a pundit...

The know-it-all

Pundits are there because they've played the game.

Picked for their professional insight, they're supposed to be one step ahead of the everyday fan.

The best draw upon their vast experience with a dignified modesty.

Others are a little more smug. Which makes it even better when they get it wrong.

The team player

Hot off the back of a seven month playing ban for kicking a fan, French defender Patrice Evra joined ITV's World Cup team.

A team player to the last, he was captain of France during a disastrous tournament in 2010, where the players refused to train following a row with the coaching staff.

But he seems to have learnt his lesson.

During the build-up to Serbia's game against Costa Rica, he applauded his colleague Eni Aluko after her assessment of the Costa Rican outfit. Oh wait...

He's one of our own

Every fan loves a player, who can mix it with the paying public.

A guy who exudes the giddy excitement that envelops every football supporter during a World Cup.

Ian Wright is that man.

The former Arsenal and England striker is wearing a selection of loud shirts that scream middle-aged Englishman abroad and his reaction to Lionel Messi penalty miss is just about perfect.

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